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Thorns 13h
It's been a while since I've seen you smile
It's been a long while

Walking down this empty street
Just thinking of you with me
I cry these tears are invisible to you

Oh, yes it's been a while

It's been long, long while

You'll never see me smile
Thorns Feb 4
T O  C L O S E  Y O U R  E Y E S
A N D  R E S T  Y O U R  H E A D
F E E L  R E L I E V E D
T O  B E  I N  B E D
E V E N  I F  Y O U  L A Y  A L O N E
Y O U  W A T C H  H E L P L E S S L Y
A S  Y O U  S
A  D A R K  D E M I S E
O F  T H O U G H T L E S S  R E S T
I  G O T  N O  S L E E P
Thorns Jan 29
There are voices inside my head
They are not imaginary
They are not fake, they simply live within me

One is heaven, one is ****
One weird, one is pretty
One is emo, one is goth
One is ***, one is okay

There are voices, there are people
Listen to the ones you trust
The ones you think you think you trust...
Thorns Jan 29
"Did you get what you deserve?
The ending of your life..."
Amazing band, love this song.
Thorns Jan 29
     Anybody there?
Or am I wasting my time and breathe?
Thorns Jan 28
I WaZ KinDa ***
sO, I WeNt ThE OtHeR WaY
"HoW aBouT ThE SeXUalItY Of I DoN'T CaRe."
-BrEnDoN UrIe
Thorns Jan 25
When you feel the light
It's like the beautiful sun shining, smiling at you
Even after your sin, it still loves you
Don't deny the truth
Just feel the shine into your dark soul
The warmth, the semi-happiness
(though your depressed and alone)
The clouds roll by...
Making different shapes
As you lay there alone and in this moment you are happy...
Then a cloud blocks the sun as the rain falls
But you still cherish it...
And smile as you get soaked running to your car
You felt the light
Got cleansed of your demons by the pouring rain
May it wash your sin away
For now...
For a moment so rare, can only last a moment...
Though we will cherish them forever...
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