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Sofia Von  Jun 2013
Sofia Von Jun 2013
All we really want is to make our mark

Getting caught up in the what and the how
We loose track of our ground, our feet
That have been in motion since breath
And there we’ve already begun
And left remains

Our desire for remembrance clouds
Our ability to pulse in the zone
We currently inhabit

Like animals we compete
To find the best of the best and the rest aren’t important?

The dew of the new is just as fresh as the old ones tale revived
on a cold night but
by the summer sun
I am scorched
By each,
Jay M  Oct 30
Staying Afloat
Jay M Oct 30
To stay afloat
In the rapids
Waves crashing down upon the skull
A second above
The next below
Then plunged farther from the surface
Unable to breathe
But there is no pain
Just void
Then an aching
Internal dying
Yearning for the pain
Then, there it is
Water-filled lungs
Brain on fire
Tainted soul

Seeing others above
Emotions fester
Then, a confession
Double confession
Relief, shock, and overwhelming joy
Then a clasp of hands
Being pulled up
Head breaking the surface
Above the rapids
To calmer waters
Where one can breathe
Where we can breathe
Aid each other
Build a raft
To stay afloat
Sometimes it flips
Sometimes there are moments
When water enters the lungs
Darkness fills the mind
But then
A hand
Takes one up
To the sun

Revived by the one who loves you
The one you love
Clasp of hands
The one who saved you
From falling away
With the shadows
Patching the bullet holes
Bandaging the battle wounds
Healing for both

- Jay M
October 29th, 2019
Love, whenever you read this, I want you to know;

You are my hero. You helped me to keep going, keep fighting, and gave me someone to talk to. Someone to trust. Then, as time went, I fell for you. I was under an oath to never be with anyone after what happened with my previous, but a friend convinced me to tear away from that and take a chance. So I did. I opened my heart to you, and you opened yours to mine. So delicate and small, that one in a million chance - but there it was.

You took me into your arms, and I actually thought past next week. I began to think about having a life. A job, an apartment, - ....and possibly our future. When I told you, I expected laughter. Expected to be called foolish. To my surprise, you didn't call me such things - you shared my thoughts. What could be. Even daring to tell me you would look forward to it... The truth is, I can see that happening.

When I told you I would never leave you unless you told me to, I didn't expect anything but a smile. Darling, you never cease to surprise me. You told me you would never leave me. That makes my heart flutter, my mind a beach with a shining sun, and my soul dancing on a pavilion in the moonlight.

What I'm trying to say is; thank you, and I love you.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
The world is small even heaven isn't big.
But an uncreated Word is,
an expression of love and promise!

The tale of the beginning
the tale of the end without the ending.
Soon God said it 'Qun' be
Bang it couldn't be bigger indeed.

Everything small and big the complete
creations panache came to be so big!
Body is small the soul came in the front.
Every soul banged explored at once.
All heard the same Word it was only one
that sets the tone for the first to the last.
So sweet it took everyone’s heart!

The death wouldn’t touch the soul
that already died but couldn’t die.
Revived there and then instantly,
hearing the 'Qun' the uncreated melody!
Crooned up even through the dead-end
surged up to the other side of the black hole.
Like a waxing Moon passed over, crossing
the asleep body in the shadow, yet in the making!

Adam was yet to be in the body.
It wasn’t in the physical element
that by no means could hear it!
Unlike the abyss soul there
the sea can take a dip.
The cloud spills and rains
but only to revert back to the sea
showering the shallow body.

Unable to resist it, the first big bang
didn’t take place in a physical body!
Not in the star, milky way or in the galaxy
nor an orb is as scientific as the human body!

He said ‘Qun’ again and the first big bang
on the matter takes place in Fathima’s joint
interlacing her live soul and pre-design body!
It cut through the irrational pi in between
the soul and body now gel in melody!
So that the grand manifestation in bloom
shall continue to resonate perpetuating the body.
With pure love without a condition without a boundary.

Nature that was yet to be, gets a mirror in its entirety.
and bang big upon hearing ‘Qun’ be, says the Almighty.
It comes to be and shall perish only to be an eternal body!
Mike Virgl  Jun 2017
Mike Virgl Jun 2017
I think everyone dies
I truly do
Every time they close their eyes
They remain motionless for hours
Until they are revived

Do you disagree?
Clearly you do
Care to show me your proof
So that it may sway me
To a more accepted pasture

"Well what of their vitality?"
"They still move and shiver"
"And they breathe as if alive"
"Surely if something died"
"Their movement would cease"

Yes, their heart beats, and yes, they awaken
But I truly think they, themselves, leave

Why do I arrive at this?
You mean how,
Through a simple observation
I suppose it, at least, to me
It began like this:

When blackest blanket with yellow dots encircled
The sky and the heavens above
I found myself watched and groped by the air
For someone was watching me
When nobody was there.
My Friend said to make my poem flow more instead of rhyme I disagree but here you go I attempted it.
jane taylor May 2016
a cerebral grasping of existence’s resplendence
is insufficient

tenuously treading bereavement’s tide
i cradle life

twinkling moments spent on this planet
are hallowed time

i walk in quiet reverence as tears flow
at innocuous occurrences

god’s face aglow in each instance
perspective revived

a bumblebee drifting gently settles
evoking awe

i stand pensive aforetime unaware
in cathedrals we stand

eyes newly uncovered awakened discover
celestial dimensions

people replete with infinite spirit
are all that surround

my senses abruptly adjusting their focus
‘tis an earthly angelic realm

To find true meaning
you must first lose everything.
Even yourself.
Then you will understand
the gravity of things.

Hanging on the wind
like a plastic bag,
Dancing in the rain
like a white flag.
Relinquish your pain,
Then the world is yours to gain.
Change the game. Give it a name.

I value my privacy if you must know,
Because occasionally I need to be lost or alone.
Forgive me if I should seem so forlorn,
My mind likes time to recover on it's own.
For where my thoughts reside is where I often go,
To be revived
and rejuvenate the soul.

Hanging on the wind
like a plastic bag,
Dancing in the rain
like a white flag.
The instance when you realize
that anything is yours to have;
Born again.

If I don't survive, at least I lived.
Reborn in the fire
of the trials that I stood.

"Apply yourself",
Strive to live.
Line Twenty-Seven spoken by Walter White/Heisenberg from Breaking Bad
Bless me Uncle! God's given Naked Head
For finding a Mentor these Comms restore
And import a Friend brought Laughter instead
With a Learning Interest revived once more
For all our doubts, grateful Confidence brew
This shrill Vernacular you opt to Reach
Whilst you divulge Traded Secrets a-new
Shrieked the Blue Eagle; Sately-Done you Teach
That Part we will Miss! Surely Independ
When we of Soft Skills this Task inherit
What Pictures remain of Trust comprehend
We give back in Kind to Service, debit.
Difficult it is to Forget you by
As you climb the Stairs, we sing: "MABUHAY!"
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