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Zead Jan 2017
My father never left me
I came to him every day
I knew he loved me
And he disciplined me for only good

My father never hurt me
Unless it was for fun for me
He thought precious things of me: For me
I was drowned in love

My father never knew me
i grew into my own
I neglected his love that God planted in him for me
He grew old and weary and began to drive me crazy

I never knew my father
i began searching for him
When I found him. I recieved love and pleasure
I found myself lost as i called for my daddy

My father is my daddy
He made me his plan with his lover
To nurture me, support and take care of me
The way I've always known him is as my daddy

My daddy is not my father
My daddy does not exist
The ******* i *** while in my bed annihilate me
My inadequacies face me eye to eye

My daddy loves me so much
I keep his life going and going
He knows God and His blessings by me
His passions are the cosmos of life's reality for me

My daddy is who i realize he is
My daddy is who i realize he is
He was my daddy and always will be
He was my daddy as my heart lost my daddy
Every first verse is my biological father
Every second verse is my "gay lover"

except the last verse, it goes for each other line.
Zead Jan 2016
like as if it ever ended
the fact that lost
as if i was ever found
or else we would just be crazy
and as we all mix eloquence with vanity
we yet, forget to greet in proper manner
to speak with profession and fluidity
be easy going and real... just not creepy
make eye contact and show confidence unlike the breaths you take before and after bed
many days pass by before one finally asks why
and few are that take this question seriously enough to discover new answers
With new knowledge, one wants to share with all
and the select will call him crazy
but they don't know, nor care to see
and the more you prove yourself valid before open ears
the more hazardous you seem
responces of all sorts, from smiles to slander
those who take you as wise, only make you seem cultic
yet who cares what they think? i mean, you've probably saved people's lives
but according to the establishment of subectivity
you're just crazy
Zead Dec 2015
you just don't know, until you are
and expressing that state of loss
of everything
it's all an illusion
but death is only a new way to live
it's already over, right? i mean like dude
don't give into this world,
though i'm scared that you'll die in it
for some reason, you won't even know
because you can let your conscience go
instead of growing from your conscience
but in all justifications
i love you
all of you
listening to lapfox, thinking about the abyss of lost souls as we all are.
Zead Nov 2015
the more simple
the more complex
the more deep
the more at rest
Zead Oct 2015
One thousand large books
a painting never finished
a song never heard
... your heart, lad, your heart
Zead Sep 2015
lifestyles and culture
political stance and war
funerals at last
Zead Sep 2015
A time to break is a time to cry
A place to cry is a place to express
To whom you express is to whom you have a friend
The friend of mine is the home of mine
Where my home is found is where my way of escape is found
My escape is my new life
A new life is a new love
A new love is my God
My God gave me love in the time of need
My God has placed my new life in me
My God was to whom I escaped
My God is the home I seeked
My God is where my Friend is found
My God is the epitome of my expression
My God gave a new tear to share
My God broke me: Because He made me new
Goodbye TX
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