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Oct 2017
Your sun on my breast

2 glasses of tequila,
After we put him to bed...

Herbal wrapped in tobacco then tucked in paper.
Hits smoother than you in your prime.
I'm high in no time.

Tryna school the NWA on chakras, intimacy, & community.

I can tell you're fantasizing what you want to do to me.

I want to want you like you want me

I'm aware that it's unhealthy.

So I locked my womb & swallowed the key.

Blessed the bottle with my touch, glasses clank, & our fingers touch.

Grape seed Oil & Mango scent

Massaging you with great intent.

You love me now & I am content

Your phone rings & now I'm on *******.

Call me jealous, I call me hurt.

You massage my back & I can tell you feel lucky

I can tell you still love me

& I love me too

So ******* , like I once loved you.

Both wondering how we got back here, as we lay in each other's arms.

My intuition alarmed but I'm in control. I am forgiving , I am alive, sacredly living.

It's you who be haunted. It's you who try flaunting.

I see right through you like crystal waterfalls

I stand in the water , as you reach a hand through from the hidden cave

Around you, vast darkeness that can't be explained

You try to pull me in with your rage
But nevermore will I tolerate child's play
I walked away

These last shots we took,
Made me bulletproof.
Written by
Raquie  Minnesota
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