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Tompson Jun 2020
I told you all my pain
Made you bleed for me
I let you go with all my shame
I left you in tears
It meant nothing to me

Still, you made promises of love
Kind soul
You fell for the wrong girl
Wiping tears from your eyes
The last kiss of goodbye
Don’t you realize
I just wanted to see your heart broke
The same way they did with mine

Love has left me to die
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
Your beastly desires were always hidden beneath
A calm and cool exterior, hiding truth
You waited and hunted me, tracked me
And watched me as your intentions stayed aloof,
Preparing to at last spring your vicious trap
Cleverly laid in the deep woods of passion
You are a beast, who stalks this once lush forest
And I am your prey, lying dead in trees now ashen
Kunal Dec 2019
Your life is the ocean
And your heart is a wave,

Like a dog in the sun
I found my peace in your storm,

As I sail for days
I keep drowning away
Would my Sailors forgive me
for feeling this way
You said,

"Hey Mister!

Do follow through
Let's go and build a house
Big enough to fit us two
We'll weave a castle there

The castle of our dreams

My Knight in dining armour
And I your blanket queen"
Girl you're just like that pretty

With wooden beams."
Jean Jun 2019
My heart is in pieces.
It’s crumbling.
My heart is in pieces.
It’s shattering
as if it were glass thrown against the ground,
as if it were a fine china that had been beat by a hammer.
It feels like it can never be put back together.
Composed 6.25.19
Butterfly Jan 2019
There were times that i was your "babe"
Times that i was your "world"
Times that i was your "everything"
What am i now?
Butterfly Jan 2019
I made you cry,
Way to many times
But you keep saying that you're fine
And babe....
Am really trying to love you more and hurt you less.
Why won't i find a way?
I made you cry for a reason i don't get
But i can't get it of my chest.
So i still don't get why you love me?
Am just a bad dream,
That won't let you sleep.
It's messing with my head
Why won't i find a way to love you more and hurt less.
Hands all over me
Softly carressing all of me
Sensations I didn’t know I could feel
Is any of this
Even real?
You lifted me up and laid me down
Skin to skin
Lips to lips
I felt your hands
Move down my hips
Your eyes so bright and blue
Bringing up these feelings
So strange and new
One night full of bliss
Who knew
I would have to pay like this
A **** Boy
That’s all that you are
I see that now
Just a shooting star
One minute
You bring me hope and light
But you’re always gone
Before the end of the night
Boys will be boys
She said
As if warning me
Not to trust
A word he said
frankie May 2018
my heart still breaks each time i think of you
tears still form each time you cross my mind
why does it still hurt so badly? why can i not get over?

i wish i could crawl out of my skin
each time i look in the mirror i can still see each part of myself that you loved the most
i still see love burning bright in my eyes
i wish the fire would ******* die

i wish i could stop being
if i wasn't me i wouldn't think of you
no recollection of any part of the wonder of you
i wish i could forget, i wish amnesia would hit

why does my heart still beat for you?
why would i still do everything you ever asked?
why is it so easy to fall in love but so horrible to fall out of?
why can't i forget everything i love about you and move on? you've done it easy enough

i can still feel my heart breaking
even i type each letter i can still feel my heart breaking
all i ever really feel anymore is my heart breaking
i didn't think it could continue, i thought all the pieces were already shattered
Andy Felix May 2018
Beyond the chaos the beauty intertwines. the very essence truly one of a kind. voice of an angel song of a siren. You lure me over, like youre someone to confide in. See from the outside, the battle within. A war in its own right, to pull together and win. That kindred spirit. Turned out to be you. Who i've waited for.. Yet I never knew. You let me wander into this world of your own. To find a home together in this all alone. I'd carry you with me through the rising tide.. You would pull me under with a lies you cannot hide
A love song i started for someone years ago. I finished writing it after she split on me..  I could say it was for best.
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