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P13 Nov 2019
the humans ignore me,
day and night they let me be,
but today, one of them, acting so unusual,
walked up to me casually.

raven-haired and midnight eyes,
questioning me with one that was a surprise,
who are you, he asked me, eyes narrowing.
moments later, no answer and time flies.

i asked him, are you not scared?
he stood frozen still as i stared,
of course not!
he haughtily declared.

i snorted and guffawed,
i wanted to applaud,
but alas, i cannot as my hands are tied behind my back.
i said to him that he is human and that he is flawed.

i could really see steam coming out of his ears,
and i couldn't help but give him my bestest of sneers.
it is true that I am imperfect, he said,
but I work with my blood, sweat, and tears.

before I could answer, though, i could see the sun rising.
i ignored the human and continued walking, my powers waning.
as soon as i looked away, the urge to turn around compelled me.
i looked back and saw that he was never really a human being.
i don't really know if this is even a cliffhanger or not, it's just up to y'all viewers. it's pretty confusing in my opinion. anyways, have a good day/afternoon/evening  :)
Thorns Dec 2018
Long ago, once upon a time
On the first day of eighth grade
She walks in the band room
Trips over the tuba
Drops her drumsticks
Her sheet music goes flying
She looks up to see a tall stranger
He had shaggy brown hair
And disappointed look
He wasn't the teacher,
But the first chairmen
The best in percussion
His eyes were like sapphires
His voice was deep and musical
He held out a hand and helped her up
She said, "Thank you..."
"Jacob," he said.
He was her new life
It seems like it happened in another life, but it's only been a couple months...
NeroameeAlucard Nov 2015
Belle is a scarred girl, shes been hurt and bruised by this cold cruel world.
Now, She left me, so if she got my attention then the ball's in my court, so to speak
I don't think she would even consider wanting me back though, so maybe i needed to be alone again i think.

So the day after she left, i walked to work, as per usually
I stopped in the guitar shop to play on my next investment, a lovely Candy Red Ibanez Jem you see.
I sat in the shop for a good few hours, letting my heartbreak out through flat strings that were starting to sound sour.
I got up and saw someone beautiful having some trouble at the counter.
a continuation of the Belle character i created
Marley Marie Jan 2015
what is a child to do? when he/she
is on their own
No place to call home
No one to tell them their strong
No one to tell them that their not alone,

What is a child to do?
when their told to keep a secret
and if they tell mommy would get heated,

What is a child to do?
when they don't know who to trust
when mommy and daddy fuss

What is a child to do?
when they are being bullied
and told what they should and shouldn't be,

what is a child to do?
when they are alone at night and suicidal thoughts flood their mind, and cuts burn like fire and drugs can no longer get them higher,

what is a child to do??????????

— The End —