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  Feb 2018 Raquie
the ocean looks at moon
like distance does not exist,
as she waves and heaves,
she wishes on shooting star
for the moon to love her back.
  Nov 2017 Raquie
helena alexis
being a poet in love
means writing down
every single emotion
you’ve ever felt on to paper

it means turning simple things
about a person into
deep details that only
you would notice

such as when the one you
love simply smiles at you
that could turn into
“his mouth turned upward into
a small smile upon his cheeks
making my stomach erupt
into tiny butterflies”

it means writing every single
interaction you’ve had with that
person and turning it into something
poetic and beautiful even if it’s as
simple as a smile

it means letting your heart
do the writing for you as the
emotions pour out of your mind

but it also means heartbreak
lots and lots of heartbreak
having your heartbroken
even helps poets write about
being in love

it’s hard being a poet in love
because we can never find
someone who truly wants
to be written about
wrote this for a contest enjoy
Raquie Nov 2017

stepping & winding in a cloud of sheer
never lonely cause we so vast. Do di maths
Lift up yah legs & leap thru di grass, water, snow, & sand
Ancestral , we still living!
Americana. Why you hate me? I made you.

     Coming  together
Could you bond our love with

Kinetic Energy?
we bouncing off da walls

•Let me break it down•
•We ain't •


But we create
      Art & culture from
                      Dirt dampened by our blood


Dats what he say when he see my sistars & I
All chocolate, caramel, gravity defying delicious
Men can rarely keep up with all this
Never say never , we are mentally enslaved


That's what them Western Europeans convinced themselves we are
He know we are god's embodied
I know he's ****** about it
G status: Knowledge is Power


Dey hate us cause we the greatest
Aye but these mumble rappers famous
You understand but I want to make you overstand all ism related haters


Have you ever been
After you swore him
Freewrite from 6 random words
  Nov 2017 Raquie
Madam X
I'm that girl who hopes to be taken by the hand
And drifted off to neverland
Leaving my worries behind me
And soaring in the sky, free

I'm that girl who waits for a prince
And a strong true loves kiss
But I don't really need saving
It's only the passion I'm craving

Im that girl who wishes to live in a Disney movie
With nature, songs, and tremendous beauty
But instead I live in a tearful drama
With blackish skies and lasting trauma
  Nov 2017 Raquie
Alessandra Vargas
I miss you
but I’ll never tell
not because of them,
because of you
because I don’t want
to know
‘cause even though
it was unfair
it was still your fault
because you
shoulda known
shoulda done better
shoulda hang on.

I miss you
but you’ll never know
‘cause I’ll only say it
this one time
never again.

Because you shoulda
been here
even if you were far
you shoulda stayed
and faced the tides.
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