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Emily Dolde Dec 2016
This thought seems to be reoccurring.
Like that stranger you see in the halls everyday,
Yet you don't know their name
Or even a fragment of their story.
This thought has that exact feeling,
But contains a bit more of a sting when it passes
Through my fatigued head.
This thought is of the fairytales  
All forged in my 3am mindset.
A mindset that often strikes me at times
Very distant from 3am.
These fairytales are perfect in every way.
But, as all things do they have a fatal flaw.
They will remain as fairytales.
Stuck in the depths of my mind that will remain
Locked up like the restricted section of a library.
Living a thousand lives just as the characters
In fantasy books do.
Straining to brake the chains and locks
That keep it restricted from the outside world.
Sadly, I am the only one trying to break these chains.
Others say they want to,
But fail to show up during this distant time
Of 3am.
Another jumble with another hidden message..
  Oct 2016 Emily Dolde
I guess you are not aware
that the light you possess
takes away her being's despair
and clears her heart of all the mess.

I guess you never knew
about all the nights she spent
bleeding words of different hues
to express what her heart meant.

I guess you never noticed
how her eyes would adore you
and how she's easily pleased
by capturing you in the view.

And I think you're missing too much
of this wonderful mermaid girl
whose heart you have touched.
She's worth more than pearls.

I hope you don't stay blinded
while you shine your light to her.
With the darkness you're surrounded,
everything must be is a blur.

When your dark side shows
And you think you're being a bore,
when you're in your lowest lows,
I want you to remember ㅡ

there's a mermaid, strong but frail
To you, she's incredibly fond.
And she's willing give up her tail
just to get a closer glimpse of you on land.
to jm
I sincerely hope he takes notice of your love for him for it is pure and most beautiful.
Emily Dolde Jul 2016
You don't know the true meaning
Of consoling a cup of coffee
Until your seemingly full night of sleep
Leaves you with bags under your eyes
And lonely thoughts in your head.

Your eyes yearning to close,
But your awakened mind refusing
To let the darkness seep in.
Feeling physically drained
and going mentally insane.

Turning to a cup of pleasure
Waiting for the black holes under your eyes
To brighten up without the help of cosmetics
For once.

You know that the dreams
That still haunt you were only fictional.
Yet, the visions still cloud your eyes
With memories of your exhaustion.

So, the cycle will continue with caffeine
As the only remedy.
Coffee Consoling, a helpful thing
For those with no sleep.
Written after a night of terrors.
The momment I realized
was a pokedex for people
Was the moment I realized
I don't want to catch them all.

Some pokemon aren't worth the trouble.
Let alone making it double.

Abra for instance,
I understand you like spooning
but if you're going to teleport
every time I throw the Pokeball,
maybe it's best you stay in the cave.

Did you ever think maybe,
wearing the skull
of your dead mother
for protection
might mean
you have some serious family baggage?

I shouldn't have to keep buying repels
to keep you away.
If I stroll through the tall grass
You appear every five minutes
Without realizing I AM IGNORING YOU.
Perhaps you should wait
until I throw another ball.

I'm trying
to catch different pokemon right now
Who fit my team better
Have the Nature I want.

You had your chance
to be in my party
When I fed you that Razz berry
threw the first ball.
Caught you.
then you Evolved
into this big mouthed Golbat
About to swallow me whole.

Stop spending time on toxic pokemon
Poisen types, koffing and wheezing.
Psychic types that play you puppet.

Don't throw the ball to them
Let their grass rustle.
Walk on by
I'm transfering mine in for candies
Catching Shinies
legendaries whom there are only one of in this world.

I stopped trying to catch them all.
I'm searching the high ground
taking time to look at their move set
Running around town with them.

We'll EV train each other,
Get every badge together.
Get knocked down
Go to the pokecenter
Do, do, dodo DO!
Get right back up, together.
Because it's not about catching them all.
It's about healing the ones that you have.
Team Instict!
  Jun 2016 Emily Dolde

Her kiss

is my sunrise aglow the horizon,
apricot shimmering hue
Rose petal satin,
the sweet taste of nectar,
soft as the fresh morning dew

The warmth on my skin
while the hours are passing,
soothing each beat of my heart
Comforting me
as the long day is ending,
now as the sun does depart

Cool evening breezes
a’ whisper the branches,
signaling twilight is soon
Twinkling stars
shining bright in the heavens,
fueled by the light of the moon

My perfect dream
as I fall off to slumber,
closing my eyes for the night
Keeping me safe
beneath evening skies glowing,
holding me ever so tight

Every day
of my life I am living,
is filled with a wonderful bliss
Enchanted moments,
now and forever,
because of the love in

her kiss
I have never felt anything as wonderful as her kiss.
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