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Kody dibble Aug 2018
Proficient in turn
Glass make up
Night calls to all the....

Growing growing growing,
We are all growing
It's time for a new time
And a crime to want to know that,
Don’t pass without,
A feature or a sort to clause,
Your every action
Deathtime blues
Sakif Hossain Jun 2018
from the maze of lybrinth I rise..
from the graves of darkness I rise..
from the abyss called failure I rise...

Oh you push me back and back
gift me heartbreak after heartbreak,
shatter every dream and hope
push me to the brink of despair
But it aint curtains yet,
from clutches of despair I rise...

Kicked me in the gut,
knock me down to ground,
Write me off,
Sing the goodbye song..
But surprise motherf**ker!!!
I aint staying down...

From the ground I will always rise..

O phoenix !
My precious phoenix...
You enlighten me to the path...

Torch me down haters...
Strip me of every hope
From the ashes of my own
Like you I will still rise...
Dean Russell May 2018
c u
i can only watch age decay
into freedom
clever Apr 2018
the blood in my veins
is pumped by a heart that's in chains.
i'm bound by your love,
in a world that's devoid of
every color except for you.
and i wish that i could redo
the first day that we met.
i would've stayed in until the sun set.
to stay away from you and your
imai Apr 2018
clothed in darkness,
i am robbed of my senses—
though i am left
with the sensation of
your touches,
i have become senseless
undone, my defences—
with a single caress,
a blushing mess,
i try not to obsess
over your intense

though all is in vain,
you are relentless,
and i am
requested by Yan F
Isla Apr 2018
doubt fills my head until I am drowning in it
even when I come up for air, another wave crashes over
trapping me under the surge of the tide
a relentless sea
to cleanse this relentless mind
but I don't feel cleansed
for my thoughts are broken and scattered
like pieces of glass on the sand
where waves crash
trapping me under the surge of the tide
a relentless sea
and this broken mind
I have no idea where this came from, just word ***** mostly
Yanamari Feb 2018
I'm being engulfed
In the clutches of darkness
It's slow-motioned embrace
Calculated and unforgiving
It's greedy hold
Swallowing me
It's fingers sliding
Over my arms
My legs
Holding delicately
Yet firmly
Sliding over my neck
Caressing my chin
And lapping at my ears
Tainting my field of vision...
Garry Nov 2017
Pale blue dot in an endless void,
This rock has turned again and
     the skies are swapping places
     once more,
Regrets of things done or not done
      drag behind on the ground
      like a chain,
whilst hope for the new day
      flies ahead and above like a kite,
A day closer to death or
      a day well spent?
Either way, tomorrow it begins anew;
So turn, turn and turn again,
Pale blue dot in an endless void
Steve Page Sep 2017
Yes, I embrace my personal spectrum of strange, maintaining my own range of a sense of self, my own present tense, a unique list of contents that expresses my deep down, my compound, my proper noun made up of all that I am and all that resounds and all that pounds within this fragile, fragmented, profound self that will rebound no matter how hard I hit the ground.
Yes, I am down,
but I am relentless regardless.
The importance of a true sense of self, regardless.
A grey area in my body my sweetheart is just my heart
Which takes me to fountain of beauty being direly thirsty
Being a large reservoir it accumulates in it beauty of all sort
It remains busy in this connection and is never ever free

So I capture beauty in it where ever I find it or just locate
Being a lover of beauty I never ever feel tired to take rest
At times beauty shows after lot of struggle at times in plate
I am created by my Lord in the mold which suits me best

Eyes and heart play entirely to be very near to the fountain
Soul and body take risk to be always on the proper path
In this pursuit I have to surmount mountain after mountain
My beloved you are a burning candle I am a relent less moth

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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