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annh Sep 2019
Bright anime eyes,
Cat-astrophically bewitching;
Forty winks required.

‘In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.’
- Terry Pratchett
Via the phone
When I heard your voice
Having a friendly tone--
At long last you have won--
My diffidence and anxiety gone
An electrifying ecstasy
Charged my heart's zone,
Who fate was
To ceaselessly lament and moan.

The vein inundating feeling
You evoked, anon,
Percolated down to every bone
To each love thirst
To atone!
At last she started to respond to Sms & and phone
Lady Ravenhill Jul 2019
Dare to be drenched by her experience,
     as she whispers secrets luxurious  

Trust in her intuition,
     patiently waiting for the next transmission

You will find no need for the hierarchical
     nor the spiritual anarchical

Her kisses encourage you to question
     the way to ascension

Guided by a cosmic ethos,
     speaking with a prophet’s pathos

Leading you moving toward enlightened
     even when you are frightened

As she holds your hand, uncertain,
     so you can look behind the curtain

She will show you the Source
     and the joy of that mystic *******

Remembering she is but the conduit
     and never the monument

She is yet naïve
     as a child but she will make you believe

In her love as the attribution
     to your new state of cognition
@LadyRavenhill -  Feb 12, 2019
drawing the ladies in*
by plying a magnetic charm
the guy possesses
quite an alluring arm

no woman can resist
his pulling potency
that is set on the
highest frequency

he engages a strong
bewitching spell
to motion the females
into enticement's well

a most beguiling
magic he'll employ
in riveting the gals
onto his alloy

the gent's power
is so forceful of zeal
captivating women
*with a striking appeal
Snigdha Banerjee May 2015
I am from the seasons
That never ends
They repeat their memories
Repeating them selves
Dead branches white snow
Blue sky the sun’s glow
Red leaves the winds blow
Green grass the river’s flow
These bewitching seasons enamor me no end
Memories tug at my soul
In their depth I blend
Besotted by seasons I am
They leave me in jam
Clocks turn, Seasons change
Memories and moments one can’t exchange
Accepting each season
Approaching each moment
I breathe in cold frigid air
And exhale warm clouds
Seasons are happy
Seasons are sad
Seasons are beautifully mad
I am from the seasons
That never ends
They repeat their memories
Repeating themselves.
Well had to write something for school online magazine !
Ivy Rose May 2014
I love to watch you sing in your car.

The way you play invisible pianos and guitars.
The way you scream out all your favorite lines.
The way your face tells the story of the music.

I love to watch our hands.

When they are interlocked and unbreakable.
When they search for one another constantly.
When they run over each others bones.
When they pull our bodies closer together.

I love to watch us.

Becoming one.
Becoming something more.
Becoming better than before.

And when you reach for me in the dark of your car, singing out the words of one of our songs, just to find me missing.

Know that I am saturated in the lyrics you scream, and the fingerprints on your window.


— The End —