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kolsmusing Dec 2020
I’m getting weak recently,
that kind of weakness
when someone’s
holding you
kolsmusing Jun 2020
I didn't believe
that someone
could take my
heart in a beat
until I saw
a radiant smile
which left me in awe
but there's something
much more charming
than your smile
it's your laugh
I saw how your eyes glimmer
the moment you laughed
that's when I realized
I have never fallen in love
with somebody's laugh
kolsmusing Jun 2020
earnestly pray
for what your heart wants
and patiently wait
for it to be granted
kolsmusing Jun 2020
she’d like to ignore
everything that she feels,
to realize her worth
and what she deserves,
but what can someone do
if the heart tells otherwise?
Which will you follow? Your heart or your mind?
kolsmusing Jun 2020
got so much
love to give
but no one
to give it to
kolsmusing May 2020
the one
whom you prayed for
the one
whom your heart longs for
the one
whom your mind speaks
the one
whom you want to spend the rest of your life with
the one
whom you will choose everyday
if given the chance
Silently praying that the one that got away will come back one day.
kolsmusing May 2020
can I have a shoulder for a minute?
where I can rest my head
and put my mind in peace

can I have a hand for a minute?
which will be holding me
when I start to tremble

can I have a pair of ears for a minute?
who could just listen to my thoughts
without judgment


should I just have someone for the rest of my life?
whom I can lean on
and be in my vulnerable form,
someone who can make me feel
that I am not alone in this oh so cruel world
Can I be independent and strong yet be comforted by someone at the same time?
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