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what was once
softer than your thoughts,
yet now is
scarred by your faults
hurts to be damaged.
In sultry voice: I can do for you anything your wife refuses to.
Man: Oh! Really!  Can you make for me some chicken tamales?
the most diminutive flame
lighting the tiniest cave
clad in scales
pressed between muscle and stone
waiting, tightly coiled
roaring soundlessly
as a cub
fluttering, skipping quarks across the
pond of space time
gaps in the envelope
suspended between
existing not existing
never having existed
chimera birthing
As she saunters with beauty,
an awakening and arousing aroma arise in the air.
A harmonious combination composed of tropical islands
and Heaven’s love carries with her, attracting all around her.
Her cherubic long, brown hair reflects and shimmers
light with a powerful intensity.
She’s far too strong to deny.
Her divine fragrance coupled with her resplendent hair,
is only a small part of her wonderful persona,
that makes her the queen that she is to me.
May 3, 2017: So after I gave Rachelle (I’m going to use this name in place of their actual name for privacy reasons) that poem, we started dating. One day at lunch, she had asked for my assistance in describing her, and this is what we came up with.
  Mar 24 DeVaughn Station
It's true, you do live once
But not in a fairytale you make
Not in a happily ever after
Just in a twisted disaster

Someone doesn't love you
Someone doesn't care
Someone doesn't says live your best
But that's not how you pass the test

Someone—everybody tells a lie
Saying that you're too young to die
Baby it's too late
You've had your years

**** up the pain
You've had your tears

Crying is an escape
And I know all of you can relate
But it doesn't move you on

A child can have a metal mind
From mining all the **** iron

And you feel it in your head
But you aren't dead
Your heart just hurts
It isn't cardiac arrest
You could commit suicide
But that's not how you pass the test

Your life isn't a lie
It's a trial where you die
At the end
It's your only destiny
Make the best of you, the best of me
Maybe somewhat religiously

Oh true you only live once
Being isolated, resurrected
Not dead but as a soul
And either burned to death or perfected

Life might give you a gift
Life and happiness
But who'll know how you stay
No one can say

You can't see tomorrow
You don't know when
You don't know where and how
Stop expecting, start stop predicting

That's not how you pass the test
Never easy, but try your best
And maybe your life is a lie
Saying that you're to young to die. . .
One time I watched this youtube video about ppl dying and this girl got shot and she screamed "I don't want to die!" like twice or whatever. Girl, bye.. you died. (I know that was really dark, but that's how I like it) Just so tired of all those "yolo-ers" who keep drinking and partying like dude stop. And whoever says "I'm too young to die." please get cancer and coronavirus then see how too young you are to die you little sh.

when I was writing this, i was thinking of some sort of rock song.
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