There are days I could leave this behind
Pack up and go with clear conscience and mind
Yet as time ticks away I still stay
Do you ever think
the painter
gets tired of his colors?
My sword is bent
and my shield is shattered
My armor is cracked
and my heart is battered
“Love? People love what they can take from you or they love how you make them feel about themselves; but they don’t love you”

An interesting concept indeed
This human made emotional greed
I think you loved me, I do
But I think I was temporary to you
That’s alright though
I guess in the end we reap what we sow
In the night is when I know he loves me
Because without being asked he rolls over and hugs me
And with his gentle hands he tugs at me
And although his body is flaming
I find his presence quite taming
I think the feeling I’m having trouble explaining is the one above all else
It’s love for others above thyself
The more time I spend with him the more I see his flaws
But the more I fall in love with him the more I must take pause
I know he is not perfect
But a happy life, he deserves it
I love my boy most of all
He is the only one to catch me when I fall
Anger brings out a side of people
Perhaps one that hasn’t been seen
But then again it’s useful
It makes the slate start clean

I have a motto now
I’ll live each day for me
I’m done trying to satisfy the thirsty man
And portraying what he wants me to be

Let’s be honest I should’ve seen this coming
After all he wasn’t mine
But *** it shouldn’t of hurt like this
And I shouldn’t be silently crying
Through and through my mother is anorexic
You would be too if your environment was toxic
I can’t help but be sad when I come home late at night
And she’s asleep on the couch with tear stains from a fight
I bring back food from the restaurant I work at
She says she can’t have it because she’s too fat
Eventually she caves and I get her to eat
Fish, broccoli, fries, and red meat
She tells me it’s too late at night to eat snacks
Although she’s a normal weight her bones still sound like they *****
It’s now 1 am and I go to turn off the tv
She quickly wakes up and stairs blankly right at me
“Leave it. And turn the heat on”
She says to me, fighting a yawn
Before I leave I notice the wrappers
A caloric binge had clearly trapped her
And tomorrow I’m sure the cycle will repeat
As the image of my mother withers and retreats
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