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Eleanor Sinclair Apr 2021
My heart breaks a thousand and one times
I lose myself in my thoughts
And can't come up with rhymes
I used to think life was worthy of living
Until I was hurt so much
There was more taking than giving

I lost my best friend by a misunderstanding
We haven't spoken in months
It was all a crash landing
The blur, I forget, was it me who did wrong?
It's hard to remember the details...
Still the radio plays our song
Eleanor Sinclair Apr 2021
My heart skips a beat every time I see your face
I wonder if you can hear it, as it jumps in place
My chest gets tight and my blood starts to race

If I saw you walking down the street
As quickly as I could I would pick up my feet
I want to catch up, but know to retreat

There are words I hear and things I say
That remind me of you every single day
You helped my life turn to color from gray

Every message I receive on my phone
I hope and I pray that it is you alone
To feel that joy I had once known

I miss you more with every passing moment
You will always be my friend, never my opponent
But it will never be so again, and I know it
Eleanor Sinclair Feb 2021
I was once in love with God
And Satan soon to follow
The Lord made me feel whole
While Satan more-so hollow
Neither could take my pain
So why did I bother
Their love was not the same
I was another lamb to the slaughter
All I asked was for a little push
God helped me along
While Satan with an ambush
Brought you in the form of a dashing smart man
I thought you were my savior
But instead you were a devil with another plan
Eleanor Sinclair Feb 2021
"Just remember when you think you're free, that crack in your heart is me"

But I'll never be free from your company
My mind circles around you aimlessly
You know, Manson seems to know a thing or two
The crack in my heart will always be you
Eleanor Sinclair Feb 2021
Great, bloodshot eyes from another sleepless night
I know that it's morning since the shades bleed out light
I beg and I pray for sleep with no dreams
and a morning of darkness with no more sunbeams
There comes a time where we found comfort in the blankets
But what crosses my mind are the thoughts that you've tainted
You used to grab my ribs when I hugged you so tightly
Now every night I can feel that so slightly
I wake to the knowledge that you are not here
I wish like these dreams you would just disappear
Eleanor Sinclair Feb 2021
You stole my heart with your silver tongue
with a voice so sweet from your crimson lungs
I beg for a day when my dreams don't consist of you
I lose sleep looking into your eyes, light blue
What's worse is the feeling that you'll never be mine
so I drown my heart in a bottle of wine
No liquor can remove the taste of your lips
or the warmth of my cheeks when your hands touch my hips
Maybe I'll forget how you laugh and you smell
but they pain you brought me... I'll take that with me to Hell
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2020
The ringing seems endless like the ocean’s infinite blue
I think it’s trying to say something
Can you hear it too

It seems the words are English, a dialect I once knew
I have wondered what it wants from me
The voice sounds like you

So I see it is not a thing but now instead a who
It follows me wherever I go
Can you hear it too

And it wants something that only I can help it to do
Escape the wicked mortal confines
The voice sounds like you

Suddenly the air felt thinner all while my body flew
It told me that I should end my life
Can you hear it too
The voice sounds like you
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