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The world was water
And I was fire
With each unbelievable obstacle
My flames grew higher

But you were my fuel
My burning desire
Now with every day
My wood grows dryer

Yet the water snuffs it
And my flames grow tired
It's been long, I admit
My heart still pains
Quite a bit
I chose to be happy without you here
Then lost my mind
When you disappeared
I want to say that I was wrong
To not accept your love
Until it was too far gone

I beg and plead
With every word
And deed
To rekindle our fire
And fulfill our hopes
And desires

Run away with me, O' please
Before we miss
The changing of the leaves
As long as you love me in my dreams,
I will be content in my waking life
You slowly forget little things about me
I’d never forget the way you move through air
I’d remember for the rest of my life how you sit so poised and elegantly
The melody of your voice soothes me and I can’t help but stare
I’ll never forget your lovely hands or the way you once touched my hair
Does your heart skip a beat when you see me
Do your hands still long to feel me
Does the mention of my name invoke emotion
Is my existence to you like a potion

Can you feel your heart beat on
Even on days when I’m gone?

I won’t stop loving or caring
Even now I’m more thriving and daring
I dare to take the leap of faith with trust
Jump with me, I’ll be your pixie dust
There are people in this room
Whom I know can’t be themselves
They sleuth and sly around
With super human stealth

I’ll start the string of confessions

I’m depressed and suicidal
And no one cares what I think
I’m obsessed and prideful
So I’ll never see a shrink

I’m strictly heterosexual
Which for some is not the case
Tell each other now
Before a love goes to waste

It hurts my heart to say
But I don’t eat enough
It’s the price you pay
When you’re stomach is a bit plump

To be completely honest
I don’t think at all
And when it comes to love
I don’t look before I fall

My parents drive me crazy
But I’m happy that they’re mine
My childhood wasn’t daisies
But I think I turned out fine

Imagine if we could be truthful
With our peers and those we know
Perhaps we’d stay more youthful
Without the stress that we don’t show
It is on the nights, when I can think,
That there is nothing left for me to do
But drown, panic, sink
This music around me changes the scene
I can't figure out how to feel
My mind is so mean
Please save me from what I am fighting
I miss your warm touch
Please save me from dying
Please be my crutch
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