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Funny how a sound wave runs through you
Illuminates Enlighten enlivens as if photons come too
A beat and it’s magic and the lyrics with message gives the run through
Even the ignorant have a place a place to hum to
Music is not dumb proof
Excuse aloof
This messenger ran the message before come shoes
I run to I run too
You make a melody with a machine and vocals and vocalize come troop
You have a picture in your mind and lay it and it come true...true
The picture of a sound

...The picture of a sound
It paints that frame in your mind a form but not clearly defined
Your direction focuses but the articulation lacks lines
Then...the touch of a visual
Tell me how they’re adamant brazen but this bypasses dermal and in it goes
More than integral a rush out goes common intervals
Into rubbing blood pump your getting light-headed it goes-sump pump
Tell me how it goes sum up
You’re getting high there somewhere up
Then...the touch from that image into an emergent canvas with a collective color derived white
An utter stunning white splashes with you touching that image-the canvas it dashes
Painful painstaking beauty cutting lashes
You’re lapsing with each come-to with each pass it’s
Contained in your pupil your mind that thing it’s massive
You touch it and next second are amazed-you just had it
It melts over you oh so true laden
It’s true magic through and through, genesis Aladdin
You try to callous your heart for ballast do some padding
I would continue but it hurts...
Picture of a sound
Touch of a visual
Touch from that pick which first
Surrounded by proud people that want to see me out
Then out of sight and like see me now
Like a light that can see around
I will see more on the other side we abound
Never taking Tre
God three amount
Freeze your count
No lease on doubt
We used to just kick it.
We’d meet up and be present with each other and easiness
Your eyes saw things that I can’t imagine.
You had a past life with roots that I couldn’t see and it halted to intertwine with me
You had a humbleness and a quiet
Removed a continent from war torn to perfect society so silent
How you used to hide it
You’d carry on with no undertone or hint it was subsilent
Two different worlds though close like two eyes
We saw the same so I guess that would seem right
You saw cold traveled here to see night
I tried to come and be bright align so we could see light
I’ve been through less and was given more
But I’m assured
I’m sitting here thinking the reality of you
I’ve felt your heart and let it drop the reality takes form my mind realizes it through
What did I do?
I don’t think you knew me enough to know my incompetence.
Your love my friend considered accomplishment
White knuckle life back but it laughs and on it gets
Take our memories though tear roll and pocket it
Can’t wait until He calls me and then my rocket ship
It’s all in His friend
I know we talked I love you and until then I’ll abide in Him
Verbs. The counterpart moves you and grabs your heart penetrate
If it’s true then why can’t one see their self  and validate
I see a woman with a form and she did not create
We’re both human with a form not much separate
Funny how the eyes though get you high prickling levitate
Again she touches you inside pupils dilate talking heart measure rate
I feel what I say you have a one-off example your specific way
This magic is just magic to us funny-the mutual give and take
Not a certain skin glitter gold
Stop searching when a hidden in the fold
Remind me how He climbs me treetop
Most people prosperous true level knee stop
Hills and valleys oh peak drop
Flow rhythamic beat-sitting-in reach clot
Keep going no comfortable fable-thee spot
Focus piece watch peace swath swatch
Had chance shot throwaway now **** it reshot
Reach swap figure form speech no leave blots
Harvesting fields no cornrows seed crop
Be not or be or naught
jacob charles Dec 2020
Little light of mine hard to define
Feel they can’t recreate so they opt to steal shine
Grab the photons and crack the heal of mind
Mold and enlighten despite their fighting in the spiel of time
Rock and reel through their shade no deal no sign
Show no sign their minds relative to no mind go find
Their eyes don’t even touch light windows cold blinds
foolish lower self for pay dirt no gold mine
Self worth go find Light and know gold mine
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