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Jeremy Betts Mar 8
Shamelessly flaunting a "good life" but never own it
They're only snapshots of good times and staged moments
You've only come across carefully selected, rookie opponents
Never felt how hard struggle hits
What about when the floor drops out and a new rock bottom is found?
What about when the relentless doubt is the only thing registering as sound?
It's a generic cliche but a legitimate thing to say,
Who are you when judgment isn't around?
Do you explode in secrecy if to tightly wound?
Do you trust what stops the breakdown from happening in front of a crowd?
When you can't distinguish between right and wrong, when up seems down
When "elementary my dear Watson" proves too profound
When inner thoughts are unbound
When your own mind releases the hellhound
When you lose the comfort and security of solid ground
Control and reason give way to confusion and treason and all you can do is lie and say "change is inbound"
Would exposing the real you leave those closest to you confound?
They say there's two sides to every story
I believe the same is true for every personality,
So I'm just asking around

Jeremy Betts Feb 2
I don't know who I think I am, but I ain't
Ain't shiit, ain't a saint, track record ain't great
I battle free will and fate over ornate quips with no stake in reality but won't vacate
I'll always acknowledge everyone that has filed a legitimate complaint
I eat nonstop, still too much on my plate
With this much weight, it's gonna break
Losses stacking at an alarming rate
Losing track of where I'm at in this debate
The one on good and evil and people that doesn't seem to translate
Breathed life into a mistake
I'm what I thought he couldn't make
But here I am
With almost nothing left at stake
Never heard the last boarding call whistle for moving on, left stranded at the departure gate
It never has before, I don't know why I thought it would wait
And being in the state of mind I'm in, my best guess for what the **** is happenin' is not elaborate
I was simply destin to be too late
Or maybe it was destiny that was early but I shouldn't fixate
'Cause either way, the screen says game over and on the board...

Anya Sep 2018
“It’s in your blood”
This phrase irritates me
To an extent because
We build
All his hype around
And blood
In the end
Aside from appearance
Certain genetic qualities
Maybe some personality traits
You’re a produce of your environment
“Birth parents”
“Legitimate child”
As long as there’s love in the relationship
Does it even matter?
Basically, my inner cynic let lose. If you have more experience in this matter and disagree with me feel free to shoot me a comment or message. I’m just letting out the thoughts in my head and I’d love to understand if someone else has a different view.

— The End —