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Martin Mikelberg Jun 2020
my haiku from Modern Haiku, Spring of 1996
jacob charles Jun 2019
is finger-licking two senses
me, myself and i sit down, consensus
everyone has a different rendition of relentless
what version is this of this, which you, depends it
imaginary penitentiary, locked in myself, one tenant
like i could send a message with only a letter, pen it
see greater with less 3d one eye red it
eye to brain, i blew it
i 9 lives brain dead
brain faculty, mind, not same head
while nothing visual, split cranium and drain head
Danny E Harris Dec 2016
sometimes you can't only
rent space in your mind
to the ones you want to be there
this landlord
cannot control every tenant's
but I think if you once leased
a suite
maybe even penthouse
I've got you in a
cramped studio
jacking up the rent
some people even own property
but you're on the way out
until maybe the last trace
of you
is a mis-labeled buzzer
or a letter
that never received
your change of address
The neuro-
toxins of
your sad
and ever fighting struggle
you do make
It out alive.
Let's praise a cheer and hope
For the very best
My dear....BLACK
Mold ing
Me asunder:
Lived with it for two weeks and started to feel the adverse effects.. Headaches and pain in orbital sockets... 10/18/15 10:30 p.m.
Amitav Radiance Aug 2014
I have been born to this affluent world
Rich with diversity and nature’s delight
So many wonders mesmerize me
Benevolence is the essence of this abode
The microcosm reflecting the magnanimity
Immediately I was accepted as a tenant
Being fed from the abundance of cultivation
Fertile soils yielding bountiful harvest
Feeding me to make me stronger
I walk upon this earth with pride and joy
To see mankind and animal kingdom thrive
The camaraderie between and nature and us
It still does not say, “You owe me”
We are indebted to this planet for the largesse
Yet, not rich enough to pay back the debt
I am just a tenant, wonder if I can repay
Only way I can do that is by nurturing love within
And not to destroy this space at will
Only I can love the earth with my heart
And help, in my way to nurture its purity
Many more to come after me can be a tenant here
Let this be a reminder, we are not here to plunder

— The End —