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Miss Luna May 8
All happened in one day,
that **** day.
I was at that bookstore -
while waiting for you.
My mind was suspended
for every thought I had.
I was quivering,
panicking -
You arrived.

And then,
every little thought
suddenly vanished.
Carter Jan 30
A flickering lamp post,
A quivering spotlight,
Illuminating two souls sparring in the night.
Time stands with him as she walks.

The tragedy of loving.

Is that simply being in love,
Isn’t a good reason for two people to be together.
Peace with her was worth the war,
And he gave her pieces he never gave himself.

The tragedy of loving.

A faded memory of what once was,
But the feelings still etched on his skin with fresh ink.
He will feel those for the remainder of his life,
Even though she won’t be apart of it.
Äŧül Apr 2015
You have imprinted all your memories here,
And now you do not have to at all fear.

You just tell me what and I will not just hear,
With all my soul I will always strive to listen.

You look beautiful in the night lamp dear,
For all the beads of your sweat will glisten.

You look gorgeous with those pearls there,
From your forehead they all are descended.

You appear youthful with those curls there,
Around your ears they all are so nicely coiled.

You appear deadly with those curvy eyes,
Lucky me I'll cherish their charms for lifelong.

You look fabulous with your lips quivering,
Even in my dreams I have not been luckier.
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My HP Poem #838
©Atul Kaushal
Rockie Mar 2015
What have I done
I've done it now
Ended it all
Realised that there is no going back
From that moment forward
Injustice was done
By my hands
My hands are stained
With the blood of another
That knife
The knife that was in my possession
Through the foundations
The foundations of the human body
The body of another
Which is shivering
*What have I done?
EJT Sep 2014
Notice given, but not consoled;
The trembling of the soul.

Occurring at the helm,
Of the notion of the self.

I am dizzied in the frenzy,
A coursing without entry.
EJT Sep 2014
In the stillness that you keep,
       there's a story to be yielded.

— The End —