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Miss Luna Oct 2020
You are
the best part
of my entire life
Miss Luna Jul 2020
Everything is:
simultaneously black
and together blue

I don't know how to say this
But I love you
Miss Luna Mar 2020
Tell me we'll be
sitting on the sand, again.

Tell me we'll see
thousands of stars, again.

Tell me we'll look
at the shape of the clouds, again.

Tell me we'll meet -
Meet one more time,
Miss Luna Mar 2020
You will always be
the heart of my art.
Miss Luna Mar 2020
I would die
for another touch of yours;

I would die
for another kiss of yours;

I would die
for one last sight
of yours.
Miss Luna May 2019
Oh you,
my lovely dandy,
it's not easy to understand you.
You're on the top -

in everything,
Miss Luna May 2019
Whenever someone
compares you to poetry,
be sure
you'll never
let them go.

If poetry is a way
of survival,
they'll never be able
to spend
any other day
without you.
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