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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2019
For one yesterday I would trade every tomorrow
Anyone if I could have you
Been looking for a way to make this exchange
No one seems to have a clue

I provoke sorrow with memories
They can make old wounds bleed
Choking them or stretching them out
Senses shakily blurred indeed

Stomach twisting from nostalgia
I watch pictures from the past
I'm left with traces of regret
Do I hold or let go fast?

These demons desire my surrender
Pretend I'm winning the fight
Straining muscles just to stand
Invited to wave a flag white

Feel cathartic
Nearly on the brink
Emotions high when I sink back
Was used to the ache of remembering
Failed being an amnesiac
Day 16: Write a poem in response to day 15's poem
OnceWasAskim Apr 2019
I understand what you needed to do
It’s how you did it that ripped my heart out

I always supported you
I was always there for you

You turned your back on me
Cut me off
Cut me down
Like I was nothing

I’ve never hurt like that
It took me to the brink of life

That pain is still with me after all these years
A dull throbbing deep in my heart
An eternal sadness
Once was Askim
No more
Yanamari Mar 2019
I don't want anything to do with this world.
Not now, not ever.

I yearn for eternal slumber;
Too wise for an induced end.

An end just beyond my clutches,
Not long left.

Air ever so heavy,
No light in sight. I've
Given up on reaching out and
Entering the

What use is it to
Hold on
Only to fall deeper?

Eve strikes as I
Lean my head against the wall
Undermined by the tar, gently bubbling,
Doubling in my heart.
Eating at my consciousness,
Slowly encompassing my eyes.
When will it strike this year... If it chooses to strike at all...
Arcassin B Oct 2018
by Arcassin Burnham

Trials and tribulations for relations in America where the higher class resides in cutting the checks,
Putting the past behind my back and running to the light of a better future all in debt,
To love and to hold while we rejoice a brand new day of peace on earth to follow up bliss,
If we all stick together and fight as one then it would actually be more better than this,

Picking fights and winning wars in this country is more like a mind to result in some treason,
You have no reason to be so **** ignorant while we're sinners signing all these agreements,
Tragedies will happen and mostly all planned , the systems rigged as destruction on the brink,
It is nothing than to be afraid of corruption as long you live and free think.
Sierra Blasko Sep 2018
Reflections are tricky things
Man didn't create them
Only trapped them
Hung them on a wall for his own vain glory
The glassy stillness of a lake
Was first
To echo reality above it
It ripples like a gateway
At the kiss of a stone

It calls, it beckons
l have mystery lurking
What will happen if you
Little you
Dared to pass through
With no intention of return?
One might find oneself upside down
Standing in the sky
And brushing their feet against the stars
Or there might be monsters
Real ones
Which we can touch and feel and fight
And see while fighting
The seeds of monstrous things
Separate themselves from us
In the last few seconds of life
And we see them laid out

Even knowing this
The water calls
To the nine tenths of us it possesses
Enticing us
With the idea of a world
Identical to ours
I think
Have you ever stopped
Counted the branches?
It would be impossible
So we assume

And as the water accepts you
Hair, drifting like seaweed in the tide
It whispers to you
Just a little deeper now
So you go on
Until you discover, or drown

Until you are pulled upwards
Arms grasping you around the chest
As your lungs burn with the ache of tipped scales, the balance within you lost
And you hear the voice whisper
Breath warming your ear

Not like this
My friend
Not like this
they have been watching us since our birth
like concerned mothers watching their babies grow
from afar, yet with a close eye

they realize that their undisciplined and unworthy children
have gained control
and have silenced the majority through deception and greed

they realize that this has brought the paradise they founded
to the brink of apocalypse
and they have begun steps to alter this destructive path

they are here now
they have said hello
in the crop circles
in the clouds
in our dreams

the children free of greed
free of power driven thought
and open to the idea that the beauty given us
is all we need to sustain
know this

it shall happen in our lifetimes
the signs are there
and soon
when they feel we are ready
they will end the flight of a bullet
or a missile
before it completes its life ending path
and before us they will proclaim for all the world to hear...
oldie - slightly revised
mitus Feb 2018
Pretty Princess in Pink
Pretty Princess Don’t Shrink
Pretty Princess Stained Ink
Pretty Princess Fatal Brink

Pretty Princess in Blue
Pretty Princess Don’t Chew
Pretty Princess Mixed Too
Pretty Princess Fatal Clue

Pretty Princess in Black
Pretty Princess Don’t Crack
Pretty Princess Stained Tack
Pretty Princess Fatal Hack

Pretty Princess in White
Pretty Princess Don’t Fight
Pretty Princess Mixed Light
Pretty Princess Fatal Sight
I hope the message is clear.
Vaniexe Kafka Jan 2018
Save me, please
Drowning from this black sea
Monster clawing inside of me
Dominating my being
Pulling me in his realm
Void of light
Black in sight
There's nothing right
Always night
Where they lurk in the shadows
Disguised as mellow
Be scared when they bellow
Their voices billow
How am I supposed to stay?
I can't even make my way
Up where I'm safe
Up where I'm saved
Will you save me?
Please, I believe in Thee
I know you'll hear me
I'm pleading you
Save me, please
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