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My problem is our problem.
Your problem is me.
I did fight for us.
You did fight against me.
When you are the only one whose fighting and the one is giving you up.
My generation
Is completely ******
Poisoned by radiation ?
Or squashed be terrorist trucks ?

We have mass shootings
At least once a week
We've got global warming
Over which we "debate" via tweets

Some ***** say
Lets fix Mars and go live there
Open your ******* eyes
The big problem is here

Some of us preach acceptance
Saying to love no matter what
I tell you it's deception
Now he's going to hell because he loves a man

Someone kills them-self
Every 40 seconds
Wake up for gods sake
It's the second leading cause of death
We're destroying ourselves

Twelve year old kids
With anorexia
A few thousand wrists were slit
This past November

A step out of the norm
And you'll be excluded
Everything screams CONFORM CONFORM

I could go on forever
But I've made my point

Deep down we all hurt
But we're all in **** up to our necks
The society is rotten and perverse
The world is wrecked

There's nothing for us here
We get a dried up earth
Unbreathable air
We're ******* cursed
It's really not surprising
We all want to die
That we're the most depressed generation
(also the gayest tho lol)

You high ups had better ******* do something
Or we're all gonna die
No more future generation
The human race is falling to it's doom
Get your act together ***** **** mother *******.
Seriously not sure I wanna put any kids into this world
Cat Lynn Aug 5
After two years of trying to figure it out
When the root of the problem ended up being upside down

Every piece of the puzzle now perfectly fits...
But God... I was not expecting this kind of plot twist
Still trying to fully grasp it
hannah chose Aug 4
Nothing is really
All that strange
If you think
Too much or
For long enough
If there really is
A great big man
Who lives in
The clouds and
Watches our
Every move
Then why
Is it such a big deal
When people love
Each other
In a way they're
"Not supposed to"
If an immortal
Presence graces
Our every moment
Then why do we
Care if someone
Cuts their hair
When there are
Wars and natural
Disasters why do
We prioritize
Someone's abortion
In the news
Besides, who is
This "God" guy
Why the hell
Should we trust him
He "created" us
But we don't owe
"Him" anything
In case you couldn't tell, I'm a raging agnostic. Anyways, why do people give other people **** about tiny things, like wearing what they want or learning what they want or generally just not being sheep. If there's a "god", we've got bigger problems to worry about. And if there isn't... let's just say that getting a pixie cut is way less "weird" than gathering weekly to worship the nonexistent sky god. Just saying.
Rammy Jul 20
Skipping stones near the
wondering why Dad got a 
wondering why Mom bought a new 
wondering why Dad calls Mom a
Because the birds are singing
And the wind is blowing
And the hand is still swinging
Not thinking and just go on skipping is
Sam H Jul 7
i keep come knocking
on the same old door
to no answer,
i'm always ignored
shes in there alright
all alone and in constant fright
dictated by the versions of what she knows and sees
panic lurks behind her street
yet she is gentle, so calm and meek
home and comfort is all she seeks

i'm not the girl i used to be
not even the girl i pretend to be
still fighting the same old fights
bruised and battling every night
must i lie?
everyday behind a broken smile
shattered yet still standing high
the old me is quite hard to meet
liberation from the cycle is what i seek

pessimism is what i lack
always so eager the way i act
yet my soul is not intact
keep on knocking
though ill keep locking,
ill come through
7/7/19 11:30:00 pm
Sammy Jun 28
You look at Her
All She wants is to take your eyes off me
I don’t think She cares about my feelings or yours
Has She ever?

She hurt you
You know that by now
You still want Her

You said,
“This doesn’t change us”
But it clearly does
Why else would you stop saying you miss me?

This hurts me more than I think you realize
It’s not all your fault, I know that
I’m not saying it is
It just hurts

I’ve been hurting for what feels like an eternity
A couple weeks, maybe longer
It started before you told me
You stopped texting like you had been

Looking through old texts
I can see where it started to go downhill
One day it was “I miss you <3”
Next it was almost nothing

For days I blamed myself
I thought it was all my fault, you didn’t want me anymore
I guess, in a way,
I was right

I know full well I’m being overdramatic about this
That’s who I am I suppose
I need to rid this from my system
It’s eating at me from the inside out

You once said you just wanted to hold me
I said
“One day”
And that day passed by in an instant

You put your arm around me the other day
It was nice for a moment
Then I realized it didn’t really feel right
We’re still off

It’s gone
There is no turning back
You have feelings for Her
And I’m caught in the middle

I thought that I had a decent life for once
Things seemed as if they were going my way
But it’s somehow
Always Her that steals my good times

We’ve had a complicated history, Her and I
I wish we could still be close friends
It might make this a lot easier, maybe a lot worse
But that’s over now

All I want is for you to figure this out
I want you to be happy
Whether that’s with me or not
We’ll find out soon enough

It seems like it’s pretty close to over
I’m sorry for that
I’ve ******* up a lot
Relationships aren’t my thing

You deserve someone better
I really thought that was me for a moment
The likelihood of me being the right one for you now
Is probably close to nothing

This has been longer than I intended
I’m sorry for everything
I hope for your own sake you can get over Her
You need to

I’ll still be there for you
I was throughout this last year
I can do it some more

Maybe not
But that’s not a problem right now
We need to sort this situation out
So that’s what we’ll do
ok okay Jun 23
Her only fault
Was that she couldn't land a tennis serve
just thought about this randomly, i dont even play tennis anymore. (when you miss a tennis serve, its called a fault)
Sani Jun 22
Sleepless nights and cigarettes
I breathed in the pain, out the money
Shaking on the floor, chewing rent rates
Call me sweet thing, call me honey
I keep on breathing in the pain
Out the money that you keep chewing
Dad don't appreciate girls this insane
Before he appears, let's keep running...
i thought writing bout a messed up teen would help me gain strength soooo~
Nylee Jun 16
What is the solution
in the place
where there are no problems?
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