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Ackerrman Aug 2023
Do not let the silence fool you,
The screams are stifled, through and through.

The gentle glint is in their eyes,
Soft smiles grin in wild surprise,
Though the man pretends to sleep,
He hears the words and faintly weeps.

When you walk in the empty hall,
There's no jubilant footfall,
Of yesteryears' purple vigour,
Just vibrant souls that you ignore.

Do not let the silence fool you,
The screams are stifled through.
Do not let the silence pacify,
There is no rest, waiting to die.
My experience visiting a family member for the last time in her care home.
ky Jul 2023
I see what you did.

You ignored me for a month
and then just happened to come back
the day before you asked her out
to make sure I still wasn't interested.

I'm not stupid.
I saw right through you,
and I don't appreciate being used.

That may have been well played,
but it wasn't played well enough.
Laokos Sep 2020
it's obvious,
isn't it?

it certainly
like it

you see
it too,

i'm imagining it?

it's probably


your head
is upside

facing inward
laughing at

and there's
a light in

that's always

you should know
Simon Aug 2020
You shine more brighter thinking everyone can already see the complete obvious... When your just draining your energy away that will (sooner rather then later) exhaust ALL the light in you that's essentially shining brighter then anyone else! Potentially forcing you too see reason of what the obvious already had been giving away since the very moment you started "showing off"!
PS... It is what's called when you shove everyone else out...except your very own "pretentious" ego!
Thinking you can shine brighter than anyone else is fine and all. Only when it's for a greater point, then one's very self-importance clogging the way of your seemingly random non-negotiable reasoning that set's flames full of obliviousness!
Lyda M Sourne Jan 2020

So apparently

All the poems
These letters
These words

Hoping you would read them
Were all for naught
Because apparently I wasn't obvious.
Jake Welsh Jan 2020
no wonder
it was obvious really,

we’re two mice, waving our tails
ears perched, scampering across the kitchen floor

and then, finally, out the door
mjad Apr 2019
As time goes by
I don't mind
I was talking to someone
Staying rent free in my mind
Ilya Krivonosov Mar 2019
Truth – this in our life that?
This category luck.
Lie two, united in one
Like, like, half-representation.

Semi-representation of the family
And the semi-secular state.
Those who long lived on Earth,
They say that the truth is drunkenness.
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