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some people think what they say is the best suggestion
they think that's what I should be doing for protection
but sometimes they just drag my head into confusion

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
Thank you everyone for reading.

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Take care -E
Temporal Fugue Jan 2018
Just a suggestion
just a thought, or sense
posting every poem
you've ever wrote
in a minute's, present tense

Overflowing over-stacking
over-zealous, enthusiastic
no one wants to read anthologies
it makes them trite, and plastic

So, for once my friend
I'll offer some advice
I've made the same mistake
posting everything, I ever did, too quick
making common rice, from all my sirloin steak
I made this mistake when I first got here, putting up all my stuff cut and paste from my stored files, it over flowed the
"Latest" tab, and like 3 in 4 of my poems never got any looks and/or comments. What I wish I had done, was post one every hour or so, it allows separation of material, permitting people to consume at a leisurely pace, rather than force feeding :D

Just a suggestion.
Oskar Erikson Mar 2017
Once, twice, three times too many.
Sounds and shapes controlling the contrary.
Darkness, blackened abyssal, all of the above- Tricks and deception-
the leaving of love.
******* after loosing;
To find courage after fear..
Wishing and wanting those who once were dear.
Of course you'll find
your heart in pieces,
Not just one's two's or threes.
You'll find that a soul simply shatters
in a muted ambiguity.
Anmol Tyagi Aug 2016
He was fully wounded,
But act like every thing was fine.

you had touched him once,
he is still  on cloud nine.  

Like you are his success,
You are his story line.

Without you he feels torn,
like life gives him a caution sign.

and I suggest, you should be with him,
Cause he dreams you as a  valentine.

Yeah.! one more, the whole situations,
and dream I talked about, "It was mine"
Amatus Poet,

© poem_blues
Lucrezia M N Apr 2016
Lively silvery torments,
mere golden tingles,
hours never gone off.
I keep watching over you,
poetic genius,
****** genuine,
learned rebel,
sensitive archetype.
Could I forget your voice
and the thousands fascinations of yours?
Utopia, my pirate….
It’s only my foolish desire
a dense kaleidoscope
of languid coincidences,
all vain,… but certainly
mystic consolations.
I wrote this one 'in ode' to a great artist, in 2009 , but it could fit to all my favorite artists truly inspiring me along the way ...
I look for your eyes
in his
I look for your voice
in his
I look for your taste
in his
I look for you
in him !
I close my eyes
feel your skin
feel your hands
feel you !
your breath
your heart beating
I open my eyes
... and I see
the darkness
Jenny A Jan 2016
If you aren't going to give me any time it's okay.
But don't act like you do
just to meet your preconceived ideas about friendship.

You might give me a compliment from time
and support me in what I do.
But then completely disregarding your promises
isn't okay with me.

So I’m going to find someone who
can give me as much as I can give them.
And for shame, I’m not yours
and your not mine.
PJ Poesy Jan 2016
How is it playing in your head about now? Does it roll the inside circumference, from left ear past eyes to right, following through the back and around to your left again? Shall I whisper it once more, the sentence with which this did not start? Please don't make me repeat myself. By your blush, I know you heard me correctly. It's just how you bite your lip, that is indecipherable, whether you agree or not. Let's not leave this business between us unfinished...

It needs a title.
Any suggestion?
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