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SpiritHeart67 Apr 29
Are *****
And I find myself
With the entire species

Other times,
They do
the damnedest things,
Restoring my Faith
Just in the nic of time
stillhuman Mar 2021
I saw you in a dream
unexpected but nonchalant
as you always are,
your skin touched mine
and sunlight covered us both.
It felt like summer,
like time had stopped
and never progressed
to the moment you let go
of whatever was left of love
and affection and reverence.
I awake to chilly night air,
no sun nor arms to warm me
I check my phone, it's two a.m.
It's cold.
How is it that even now you still haunt my dreams?
Gabs Feb 2021
in a state of absolute serenity, the world stands still;
seemingly surrounded by an energy no longer emitted by the chaotic tendencies of society.
the breeze fills my nostrils with a natural freshness found far from the carbon monstrosity of the urban world,
and the ripples, generated from such, travel diagonally across the lake in unison.
the birds dance with the waves, wings daintily kissing the water.
up and down they fly, closer and closer to the surface yet all the while making sure not to become consumed by the blue unknown.

i smile,
an unfamiliar yet pleasant warmth filling my belly.

my hands fall from my lap and my body follows, falling limp into the course pebble-filled sand.
the clouds are arranged at random but I can just make out the shape of a man.
my mind refines the image and immediately I’m presented with a toothy grin and well-rounded face.
i feel a tear slowly fall into the crevice of my ear yet my smile never disappears.
a whisper leaves my lips and the illusion vanishes though not without leaving me with a gift in return.

i flip onto my side and my legs curl up into my stomach.
eyes closed, I begin to laugh, tears still steadily falling.
i'm overwhelmed by his voice and immediately I feel the peace I’ve been yearning for since the day he left me.

drifting off into a deep slumber, I visualize the words gifted to me not so long ago,
the warmth of the sun pushing me further into an unconscious state.
James Rives Jun 2020
night slept when she spoke,
creeping  back into its ceaseless
void in reverence or awe.
day paused enviously
at her brightness.
the winds fervently whipped
as she moved, and caressed
her in a motherly wrap.
she viewed this beauty
in nature as it viewed it in her.
taking aim at sunset,
she set herself
to become the beauty
she beheld.
Manpreet Gill Apr 2020
Hot winds caused the charming petals to wilt,
Withered leaves slept under the dew quilt,
The sky looked red and fawn,
Rays of sorrow broke the dawn,
Icicles of trust started to melt,
Roses of love resembled a welt,
Cerulean oceans of wisdom turned black,
Light sleepers don’t like the busy track,
Life goes through phases like the moon,
Sky belongs to those who break the cocoon,
Graves have no room for grudges or vengeance,
Have no ill-feelings or hate, but only reverence.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Love’s Extreme Unction
by Michael R. Burch

Lines composed during my son Jeremy’s first high school football game (he played tuba), while I watched my wife Beth watch him.

Within the intimate chapels of her eyes—
devotions, meditations, reverence.
I find in them Love’s very residence
and hearing the ardent rapture of her sighs
I prophesy beatitudes to come,
when Love like hers commands us, “All be One!”

Keywords/Tags: mother, son, love, extreme unction, devotions, meditation, reverence, love’s residence, beatitude, beatitudes, heaven, unity, solidarity, togetherness, oneness, one
Ryan Seth Cole Mar 2020
My convictions rest upon the assurance of things not seen. Like the infant who is not whole and yet to be wean. I am moved along by a light that I can barely see. There is a hope deep down inside. All the while it is the only hope that help's me breathe.

When all I have known is pain. When I did not live, I walked by shame. When I moved to change, I was chastised that I did not move the same. I assure you son there is a comfort through these things.

There is a light beyond the horizon that is buried by the dark. Which eyes have not seen but can be felt with your heart. Where weary legs kneel and All sin departs. Where you are justified and a new life starts.

My humanity questioned every step of the way but I had trust in One that all one day will soon change.

Your legs cannot carry you my beloved little boy, the road is not paved. It is an uncharted, terrifying terrain. It's every obstacle is met with strain. It's every heartache you will face along the way. It is not by yourself that you can make the way.

We are weak and flawed inside. If we had the strength; we would boast with pride. You must deny your depravity and cling to the Son to make stride. Accept and acknoledge just who you are. Confess it to Him that sit's on High.

Jesus Christ is the only way. He will supply you with His Grace. His Grace is sufficient. He will walk with you and supply you every step of the way. His love is greater than mine and He walks outside of time. But when He comes to rescue you it is always on time.

It is hard to see this or understand this when you are blind. But when He saves you son, He will also open your eyes. You will see that there is no chance of making it your own way. No chance at pleasing God unless you have Faith. My dear son, Jesus Christ is the only way. When you fall remember this name. When you arise rememeber His name.

He will be the one to bring you home to me. He will be the reason your heart sings. He will be in your weakness your strength. I love you so much. These are my last words. I pray you keep them and reverence them to be true just as I did and so I lived.

To my beloved first born.
-Mateo Cole Ortega

Your father.-Ryan Seth Cole
I write these words to be read to my son at my funeral. When the day comes that he might know how much I love him and what I want for him most.
Sythin Voxe Feb 2020
I must have been a Star graced on the pale
and amber Sky against sharp edged Giants,
the way you searched for wings behind me.

A black strip of lace I was, but less frail,
I broke through the loudness and gifted you silence.
Though no Halo was rest on my crown,
You laid yours beside me.

Hark I did try, though the clouds are all that spoke.
I cradled you then, skin soft as bread.
Leaning over like grass in the wind
And planting Daisies on your breast.

Tempest came fast and the sunlight awoke,
opening the wound from its rising, and bled.
It gave an orange and firey tinge,
but the Blood was warm as it spilled over the crest.

Passionately, I held you stark.
The Thorns wrapped around your head and heels
but the River flowed down the Cliffs so steep,
to drown the Thorns in reverence.

And soon your eyes arose from the Dark.
I pulled your chin with my finger to watch you reveal,
and I noticed the Thorns had buried deep
and I worried what served as their consequence.

I could have questioned the Shepherd that rest on the peak,
"what bothers your black woolen Lambs?"
Knowledge so flooded and thought all fragmented,
I kept the silence floating where words could have been.

So we settled in the grove of a like-minded freak,
Glued horns on the Ovis so they looked like Rams,
Made sure the air was a sweet Rose and Wood scented,
And awaited the Sun to burn the mountains again.
The only people that can handle us, is each other.
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