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Deep May 2019
Tonight is the night of renunciation,
O weary heart, shed that person
In tears and sobs—
For moon is weary carrying the grief of world
Wane her a little forgetting your woe tonight,

Tonight is the night of renunciation.
O perturbed heart, untie the hinged boat from
anchor and sail away from hopeless dreams—
For stars are burdened with undue hopes of men,
falling and fading from sky, reduce their weight
Bidding farewell to those memories tonight,

Tonight is the night of renunciation.
O innocent heart, love is despot, so end these grieving
for a person’s absence—
For the air is sick and sad sailing house to house
Lower her sadness abating your loss tonight,

Tonight is the night of renunciation.
O withered heart, saunter in the lawns this approaching dawn
Born anew, listen the chatter and flutter of birds,
For the sighs of lovers have turned their song melancholic,
Sing loud, O heart, return their gayness
For they’re not meant to suffer for our melancholy.
Mazen Edlibi Dec 2018
A day is marked under my name saying, “it is Your Birthday”?
“I Forgot!”
I forgot to count!
I forgot to enjoy!
I forgot to have fun!
Papers are fading away! Withering like leaves in the air
I refrain myself from writing…
I refrain my words to go out of my throat!
I can’t stop what inside me!
I can’t stand still from knowing why!
I can’t understand my silence anymore!
clever May 2018
you are the soundtrack to my life.
your breath is the rhythm to my walk.
your heartbeat is my refrain.
Nylee Apr 2018
w** is to blame
for the flame that burns me within
my destiny's storm.

who is to blame
when everything remains the same
it is always the constant pain.

who is to blame
surprisingly locked in frame,
I better learn to refrain.

who is to blame
by everyhow the entirety came
apart, nothing left to claim.

what is to be done
when nothing can be undone
so all I have is the blame
Christmas spirit!
Come on... let me hear it!
Christmas spirit!
Good math!
That's some holiday smarts, Jake!
But if you add another, that's a holiday heartbreak!

I took everything, and I chased you
I knew, I put a lot of things at stake
For the amazing feeling from you which I ache
True love, I know this, you and I can make
I simply fall for the same things
Despite the past mistakes
I thought with me and you
Both of our hearts were caught

..Simply not true
Liz Carlson Nov 2017
all they do is complain,
that life is such a pain.
all these things in vain,
please just refrain.
Corey Zornes Jun 2017
I am your headache,
gentle resentment
on a Friday evening.
I am four beers blunt
and two shots tired.
I am flirting with life
like a closeted man.
I am flailing my arms
hailing a ride home.
I am ready for sleep
but don't have dreams.
I am sorry I can't be
everything you want.
Roman Soanco Jun 2017
Refrain from pulling me
as gentle as does the moon.
For a push towards
an alcoholic's beer,
just does no good.

Though cracks may appear
in my ceiling and the thread
on which I hang is wearing thin,
I will never ever,
drift near you again.
solEmn oaSis Mar 2017
Nobody else right here
except for me,myself and i
yes i'm only one but not alone
a bare truth witnesses by my naked eye

Those silhouttes made by shuttering lights
comes from shimmering splendid nights
as i look
merely at the life size mirror inside this house*
i well as my shadows roving around at my real image*

Oh no! Not again.
How can i retain?
For me to maintain
my endanger refrain!
If you are not the one,
Then whose with me?
Co'z i want somebody to share
Someone who can dare
to understand the worth of we!
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