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Donna Mar 23
Sitting in a cafe
sipping coffee eating eggs
Tiny leaves poke through

Loving and spending time with my son jake and loving spring time too xxxx
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
He’s got natural rhythm, a girl in a red dress, a suit of clothes, a hat and a silk vest,
A set of brogues, a packet of cigarettes, a 20 dollar bill with no regrets.
He’s got a fast mouth, a slick deck of cards,  checkered blues and a V8 ford;
He’s got jazz, and gospel, and ragtime too, a carpet bag and a jug for *****.
Sheba, sheba, Sheike!
He’s got it, he’s got Jake,
His feet will roam from town to town.  
Sheba, sheba, Sheike, Sheike,
He’s the devil with a ******* snake,
Your feet may never leave this town,
Not alive anyway!
He’s on the board walk,
She’s on the board walk,
We’re on the board walk now!

He’s got mojo, see him switch and walk, a winning smile, a stick of chalk,
He’s a hot shot, man about town, his skin is sweet and his eyes are brown,
He’ll strut that rooster, beat them gums, take cash or cheque before she comes.
He’s got jazz, gospel, ragtime too, a carpet bag and a jug for *****.
Sheba, sheba, Sheike!
He’s got it, he’s got Jake,
His feet will roam from town to town,  
Sheba, sheba, Sheike, Sheike,
He’s the devil and no mistake
Your feet may never leave this town,
Not alive anyway!
He’s on the board walk,
She’s on the board walk,
We’re on the board walk now!

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During the 1930's prohibition era: many drinkers squired “liquor or moonshine” from "peddlers or bootleggers"  
"Jake" was liqueur distilled from Jamaican ****** extract and was more than 75% percent alcohol and was known to caused severe damage to the nervous system and paralysis to the limbs.
A common characteristic among Jake users was a clumsy shuffle walk known as "Jake leg"
Darlene Chavez Jan 2018
I lost a friend yesterday to suicide.
He drove through a telephone poll.
This is for you Jake.

I've never felt so lost or so broken
I can't even think of words to write a poem
My heart goes out to all of his family and friends
Who knows if the pain ever ends
I wish he was here
Why did he have to disappear?
We love you Jake L.
Morgan Rain Sep 2016
With you
The moon is a saucer of cream
And the sun a ball of honey
All to put in my tea.
The breeze blows
To brush my hair,
Perfume the air,
Push me forward to you.
Is love only for
Because this is so much more.
With you
I am a better me.
Laughing, smiling,
Loving, happy
Loving you is healing me.
In a newer relationship and I've been having the hardest time coming to terms or putting to words how, well, just good it is. It's natural, respectful, he is my best friend, lover, listener, and is calm and open enough to process my past, my present, and give genuine thoughts to help me. It's like looking at the world through rose tinted glasses which is scary and blissful all at once. It's strange after being set and sure you would be alone with momentary people for company, to find "the one". The only one it could ever be. The stars aligned, cosmos waited for the right moment for us to meet and everything seems right now. Even the day to day life stresses feel right and okay because everything I've been waiting for and didn't even know I wanted is sleeping in our bed right behind me. I've felt love, been in love, but this is something entirely different and greater all together. Maybe past lives remeeting in a predestined journey.
Anonymous4070 Aug 2016
"Hi, I'm Lynn."
She said to me.
But she was the girl with purple hair
and she always would be.
She asked my name.
I told her "Jake"
She asked if I wanted
to hang out at break.
I nodded stupidly
I simply couldn't speak.
That purple hair girl
made me feel so meek.
Then she walked away
and sat back down
I stared at her for a bit,
then turned back around.
I smiled to myself
as I sat in my chair.
Thinking of  the girl
with the bright purple hair.
Part 11! To be continued...

If you have any suggestions as  to what should happen next let me know!
Alice Baker Oct 2015
I can't find words to fit your tortured soul,
But I suppose that's fitting.
You were the only one,
Who's ever left me speechless.

I'm not sure,
How I can hold so much anger,
And so much love for you
At once.

You're a drunk fool,
It was a drunk love.
Natalia mushara Aug 2015
Baby boye took me in arme
Baby boy kiss me wit charm
Baby boye mine, baby boye mine
Baby boy kute and baby boye ware suit
Baby boye italiano like me
Baby boye mine
Yuo see
Captain Trips Mar 2015
as 'The Dark Tower' was King's "magnum opus"
it had an ending worth dwelling on.
and now he suffers over
not writing about Roland
as I continue to suffer over
having to write about you.

As if you were my "greatest achievement of an artist or writer"
I voluntarily chose not to move on,
long since alone under the covers.
I think back and remember when
you showed me how to forget lovers.

Yet as I practice the simple techniques
that you painstakingly taught me,
I can't help but remember
I'm trying to forget you.
Notes (optional)

Alexis Feb 2015
Your name felt bitter on my lips.
You touched her and I screamed.
You gave great hugs.
Your glares cut like knives.
Your laugh sounds empty.
Your smile is forced.
All you.
My name doesn't touch your lips.
I touch him and you don't care.
I held on for a little too long.
Eyes filled with tears instead of glares.
My laugh is full.
My smile is genuine.
So paradoxal.
Alexis Jan 2015
We started laying together and I asked if we could talk.
You said “sure” in the sweetest voice and I thought it would be okay.
I asked why you didn’t love me.
Wrong choice.
You said you didn’t know but you knew you didn’t.
You said you didn’t even know if you liked me anymore.
I sat up and moved away from you because being near you burned my skin.
Then you said those two words and my heart dropped.
“Maybe it’d be better for both of us if we broke up. But I think that’ll unhinge you again.”
Jake you knew that wouldn’t be better for me but you just saw me as your little ticking time bomb anyway.
Never okay.
I could barely get words out.
I did everything I could to stop this.
More words were exchanged and I told you I loved you.
You said you didn’t.
I could feel my heart breaking.
We were facing each other sitting on the floor.
The tears started to flow from my eyes.
You put your head between your knees and said,
“Please stop. It kills me to see you like this.”
You killed me first so I’m glad I’m killing you now.
10:45: “I have to go or I’ll be out after curfew”
I just nodded and got up to open the door.
“Can I hug you?”
No I didn’t want you to but I just nodded again.
You hugged me for an eternity
I lost it and sobbed and every feeling was coming out through my tears onto your shirt,
as I whispered “please don’t leave. you promised you wouldn’t,” over and over.
“Some promises just can’t be kept.”
You said it through tears
You were dying too
Only you could grab the rope but instead you hung me with it.
You let go and looked at me,
“thank you” you said and grabbed my hand.
You opened the door, dropped my hand, and left.
I died.
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