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Jake Welsh Jan 14
no wonder
it was obvious really,

we’re two mice, waving our tails
ears perched, scampering across the kitchen floor

and then, finally, out the door
Hannah Marie Jan 4
there's something about you
i don't quite know what
i think it's just you
and the way that you are

the shoe fits
so to speak
you fit with me
you were the missing piece

i know i'm my own person
i am a feminist after all
but i like belonging to you
feeling safe in your arms

that something
the thing i can't work out
it's love i suppose
we'll find what it means

Hannah Marie Jan 3
rwy'n dy garu di
that's what you say to me
i love you too
that's what i say to you

when i fell asleep
on uncomfy railway seats
the thumb that brushed
across my cheek
well, it told me all
and none at all

it's the little things
the loving glance
the stolen kiss
given half a chance
that's safety, that's nice
that's love, i thought

you're alright, my love
you're ok, my dear
i adore you, my love
you're smashing, my dear

rwy'n dy daru di
dwi'n dy garu di hefyd
i love you, my darling
i love you, my dear
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
i concentrate my inherent connection to them
into potent strands of silk;
distill memories of them
into pearls

taken from the air
transformed into something
that no longer gives life
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
there’s a loss of lasting joy
in life
there’s a wall…

you know, you’ve been in my thoughts
when it snows i see you wandering along interstate 88
or alone in your bed, sitting up, legs crossed
eyes closed

living in the past
while waiting for sleep
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
the search for bliss is over
one way or another
epiphany upon her
that leads her into space or underground

how are you doing? what are you up to these days? it’s nice to see you in this most lonesome place

i find that balance is achieved here in silence
or in the constant sound of the subterranean; a train passing afar
love of distant past or pain

the search for bliss is over!
finally over
from "salve" 2019
available @:
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
Eve is walking up some stairs,
he imagines falling off,
and then part of himself does.

from then on he can’t tell
whether he’s at
the top or the bottom
or the bottom or the top

“where is my head?” down there
“where is my child?” nowhere
he carried him like she carries him

black hair. blue eyes. tan skin.
different but the same.
Eve turns the corner and takes another step
from "midnight" 2018
available @:
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
a dissociated sound hums in awkward disharmony
it pleases, presently, not an ear
but nurtures mossy growth across guts of a population
who listen with cult-like enlightenment

when the bass descended with modest fanfare of plucked and buzzing strings
it announced the departure of the invisible figure
that lived where we thought we wanted to be

so long, ruler. it was your time
you had a meaningful life.
now i just want to be alone
from "salve" 2019
available @:
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
Pan whispered something in my ear
a secret mumbling i couldn’t understand

maybe a message of love or hate. couldn’t imagine anything else

sometimes it’s hard for us to talk out loud
things we want to say but keep inside
a desire to share but not offend

mumbling whispers might just be
the best compromise we have
from "midnight" 2018
available @:
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
and why would it?

expecting something from chaos
knelt on knees, as if words formed silently upon wishful lips
will create the world for you tomorrow

lives are spent
on absolutely nothing
all the time
from "salve" 2019
available @:
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