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Harley Hucof Dec 2020
Awake i found the languages have changed in my sleep
The sequence of words is lost and so is my power to will

People talk strange but sill imitate their creator
Behaviour is predictable when you're attached to a prayer

Obey my ageless tongue

I dare question my presence in this dimension
With one intention
An ancient practice and an encounter
The timelessness of magic shall bring back my willpower

The symbols are drawn
The words are assembled
At the crack of dawn
I shall have my answers

Words Of Harfouchism
colette alexia Aug 2020
It couldn’t have been more predictable
That you fell for her
And everybody knows
And I’ll let it go
But it still hurts

You’ve really got a thing for us Midwest girls
And distance
Which you chose
Though you and I
Could never make it work
Ivy Leigh Jul 2020
Something predictable
like a drunk slander
or a high whisper
might set off my visitors
viewers and my hinderers
to tell me I am not better.
I shiver
barely thinking of her
thinking she could be better.
I thought myself better
than the treatment
I give out I take less
but it tastes bad in my mouth.
Another vision of more missed clout
better life in than out
outside just letting people grow
just giving what I know
and not vibes to affect the flow.
Just tell me what I owe.
You never gave a **** before.
I will live up for things that don't show.
Call me before I blow.
Luvanna Jul 2019
I wanted to be an open book
until I realized I don't like being read upon
as if I am predicatable and have no twists and turns
Ruheen Jul 2019
I read the first line
And I already knew what the rest of the story would turn out to be.
It’s not just predictable.
It’s all the same.
Anya Sep 2018
I look at novels
And I base my life off of it
Often has me feeling disappointed
Then I wonder,
Is it the excitement,
Or the predictability?
The adventures
Or the security?
That everything’s going to be alright
I find
I don’t really know
But I still appreciate my life
I love it
I really do
Wouldn’t a perfect life
Be boring?
M Salinger Jun 2018
You're so predictable.
I pull, you push.
I push, you pull.

The context changes,
but the actions
& the reasons for them
remains the same

When will I learn
to expect
the expected?

When will I have
that your world
is soaked
in fear?

Waiting for a match.

When will you see
that I want to bring
you into mine,
just as damp
but drenched
in love?

A man who has his
eyes closed
doesn't understand
what he feels-
in his hand,
or his heart

You're so predictable
your willful ignorance
& your bravado

My bones know
what my mind can't
make sense of..

You are too green
to love my old soul,
and it is too wise
to let you try

And so we stand
frozen in time
as the world moves
around us

My frustration a
veil to my sadness,
rooted in the
that we might be
a lifetime away
from drowning in the
calm of each other's love

And so I try
& walk away

But when I push,
you pull
me right back in.
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