Lyda M 6d
Music is a drug
I have overdosed in
Until I grew sick
Of melodies
Lyda M Jul 23
Music is all but
Perfect; tis a faux concept
In an abstract world
Lyda M Jul 23
Three stand before thee
The silver trophies gleam bright
Ambitions are bared
Lyda M Jul 23
The golden hall sings
Of an art that decorates
The spaces of time
Lyda M Jul 22
Stories sing of ways
That shed light on

Tall tales spake
Of things
With green envy

Thy name wilt one speak
Before the moon sets
Upon one's kingdom

And bite one's thumb
Shall one joust in word or sound
Even the ocean could not contain enough salt to pass around
Lyda M Jul 22
And doubts have dashed
And murmurs gone
And frowns have turned downside up

To smiles
And heart
And laughter
And newfound friends
And applause
And gratitude

As miles of
Hard work

Have rewarded the sweetest
Not of gold but of

a musical gift
Written after we won a music competition. Some people were salty about losing. I'm just glad all my hard work didn't go to waste.
Lyda M Jun 22
Cactus words are
Prickly words
That grow in deserts
Of dry wit
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