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Kee Oct 2018
poking at his rib cage
i thought of all of the wonderful times
ive spent with him
not knowing that this would be my last time poking his rib cage
i smiled and laughed in his face
he loved me the way i loved me
or so i thought
and the betrayal finally set in
when the messages stopped flowing in
and the block on all of social media shocked me as well
until my friend had shown that while you were studying abroad
you were going steady with a beautiful french girl
Anya Sep 2018
I have my flaws clear as day
And some not so clear, but there all the same
Everyone has flaws but when you’re ultra aware of your own flaws does that make you better at getting rid of them or does it just make you self conscious and unconfident?
Jean Aug 2018
I don’t understand why I can’t keep it hidden
It’s so clear it’s so obvious
that what you hide
isn’t truly kept hidden
But you place it in a glass box
pretending as if no one can see
Everyone sees
but everyone says nothing
because nothing is better than everything
because everything is what you hide
and sometimes
I wish
I were
Rex Verum Regem Aug 2018

This is an obvious one, seeing you is all I need to make a bad day good
This is an obvious one yet you still do not know.

If we were a cookie you would be the chocolate chip goodness that bring absolute bliss as it melts.
This’s is an obvious one yet you do not know,
Words I should have spoken sooner; like the first roses are red on an awkward date or the first song sang to impress, true that violets are blue

This should be obvious I cherish every moment like it’s my last because seeing you smile, is a commodity, one only a few may enjoy.

Stars twinkle and cows may jump over the moon but you smile and I’ll smile too.
This should be obvious.

Rex Verum Regem
To touch your lips before dawn stretches across our skin
Similar to The Creation of Adam

On the eve of your departure

Where whimsical scripts meet sacrosanct words
Wrapping themselves around your tongue
And ripple like kaftans when sung

We hold these truths to be self-evident
And your vision is honest

I refuse suffering your absence amongst the hunger I feel
Cooking up a plan to capture your heart
A pinch of your perspiration's salt
The kiwi sweetness in your sway

Even if you appear in my dreams, although miles away
It's the best homecoming yet.

Ifeanyi N. Okoro II - © 2018
blake Mar 2018
it's become blatantly obvious

that even though you didn't before

you might be beginning to love me

i can see it in your face

but that's okay

because i love you too
Unified approach May 2017
I am, who I am
And made explicit!  
Yet I am judged
For who I am not.
Clearly my arrangements
Inspired none!
Lunar Apr 2017
I hope I'm not too
I hope you're not too
12 words I wish I could say to him called jul
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