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Josie 2d
Don't look at gray clouds for answers
Dull, blurry, nondescript
They cloud the mind
With mystery and uncertainty
Here today but gone tomorrow
Like a dream lover
Josie Apr 9
My solitary self came wrapped in blankets
Searching for answers in murky clouds
Illusions shattered
The answer came in darkness
In peaceful awakening
A mystical enigma fills my soul with wonder
And I am never the same
Josie Mar 21
On world poetry day
I'm a tortured poet
When my ambiguous words
And meanings
Touch your soul
Happy World Poetry Day!!
Josie Mar 17
Is there love in a coffeehouse?
Like those silly Hallmark movies?
Coffee is love
But hides in mystery
In laptops and cell phones
In wandering eyes
And ****** musings
In the buzzing sounds of a lovely brew
To be consumed by you
Josie Mar 17
Thankful for you
More than you know
The telepathy runs deep
It's certainly a mystery
Never to be understood
Just let it be
Josie Mar 17
I dreamed of you before I met you
A faceless person
I only saw eyes on me
Puzzled eyes
Accusing eyes
Flirty eyes
Wondering eyes
Adoring eyes
Soulful eyes
Your eyes on me
Took my breath away
Josie Mar 17
Love means always having to say
you're sorry
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