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Daisy Will May 2
I go through waves of loving and hating you;
you made me the happiest and the saddest girl;
your kisses and love kept me in your arms;
but letting you go is overdue.
I tried;
you made it hard;
but this my good bye card.
Daisy Will May 2
Take me back,
that is all I ask,
I've changed Jack.
take me back, my love
Daisy Will May 2
Can I hold you one last time?
Can I kiss you even though you are not mine?
Can I tell you that it was you every time?
Can I stay with you for a lifetime?
it will always be you darling
Daisy Will Feb 4
4a.m and I'm at your door,
wondering why I haven't been here before.
Yes we're no good for each other,
but my love for you is like no other.

I know that it is late in the night;
I know that I am your kryptonite.
We’ll both regret this in the morning,
but my love I’m in mourning.

If this is the last time hold me tighter,
I will be a fighter.
Maybe we’ll last this time,
I promise to do better this time.
i miss you
Daisy Will Feb 4
I saw the red light,
but I didn’t stop.
I saw the red flag,
and I darted forward.

Drank the green juice,
but I didn’t squint.
Saw the green envy,
and called it truce.

Ate the apricot,
without getting caught.
Ignored the flashing amber,
now I’m at a cliffhanger.
Daisy Will Feb 2
You deserve another girl;
I would be a flapper in your world.
The bad guy in your fairytale,
the one to reject the veil.
Daisy Will Feb 2
To you I was a queen,
for me you'd give up everything.
To me you were my caffeine,
until I couldn't feel the zing.
do you know what i mean?
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