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Daisy Darling Sep 26
I have you tattooed on my sleeve,
I hope you do not leave,
Is young love naive?
the ink is permanent, but is our love?
Daisy Darling Sep 26
Tell me you don’t want this,
And I will let go so quickly,
That you won’t even miss me.
Please do not waste my time that is all I ask.
They say fools rush in,
I should have held my horses,
And take a deep breath in.

It wasn’t your looks,
It wasn’t what you had,
It was the feeling I never had.

The way you looked at me,
Like I was the only girl in the world,
But you saw someone that wasn’t me.

No good bye or why,
You just vanished from my life,
It hurts I won’t lie.
When you looked at me,
I know you saw her,
because there is no other reason,
that you would leave me this hurt.
It was a regular Saturday night for you,
But it was the most magical moment for me,
I felt sparks fly when I looked you in your eyes,
I guess eyes tell lies.

I keep asking myself,
Why do I miss him,
He clearly doesn’t feel the same way,
He only thinks about himself.

How did I misread the situation?
I am usually so good at reading people.
Your eyes deceived my heart,
Now all I am left with is agitation.
I really thought we had something, I guess we did not.
Call me a liar,
I said I would never hurt you,
But I lit your world on fire.
hurt people hurt people
I saw you moving on,
But I did not want that,
I should have let you move on,
But I was selfish.
I should have let you go on with her. She would have made you happier.
You got that aesthetic about you,
You got a swag that you walk with,
You have a smile as bright as dynamite,
You are so pleasant for my sight.
god herself made you
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