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Daisy Darling Mar 19
i trust no more,
my body is torn,
and my heart on the floor.

betrayal has a bitter taste,
my time was a waste,
and you left without a trace.

fool i am,
my love was worth not a ****,
and you did not care a milligram.
how could u feel no remorse?
u left me when i neeeded u the most,
how could u feel no remorse?
after 3 years we became strangers
Daisy Darling Oct 2021
At first I wrote you poems,
and you loved them.
Now I write you poems,
but you don't read them.
don't you know? all my poems are about you. 😩
Daisy Darling Oct 2021
I woke this morning feeling like I loved you a little less,
but I have to confess,
there is no way for me to let you go.
For you, I will always wait.
Daisy Darling Oct 2021
How is it that you love me now Meadow,
but then change your mind tomorrow?
does anyone have the answer to this question?
Daisy Darling Oct 2021
Please tell me that you've moved on,
maybe then I'll have some piece of mind,
maybe then I'll forget losing the love of my life,
maybe then I'll remember to move on.
maybe then my heart won't hurt this much
Daisy Darling Oct 2021
Unloving you
is the hardest thing
that I can do in life.

I hope you're well
because you deserve all
the good in this blue world.

Unknowing you
is what I must do
to stay sane in this life.
I make you blue 👤
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