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Dancing and jiving to the sound of the heart monitor in the back
Your seizing like a seizure and im beating like a heart attack
Grandma's dead
Dad shot her in the head and we’re
Drinkin and dancin tonight
I feel FINE
And we can slide through the slick halls
Flirtin with the white walls
and sign that everythings always alrigh
****** all up in her feeding tube,
Take a shot of anesthesia every time she makes a Cadaveric move
Yeah grandmas livin it up tonight
Now we’ll moonwalk into a birthing center just to step to those jarring screams
You've got syringe glass in your hair. I'm sitting in the doctor's chair. Yeah, I'm dancing with the girl of my fever dreams!!!
spike the ceyline bags with laughing gas, its so funny. not knee slapping funny just so funny.
We’ll have a disco party in the medicare
Weave some new bath towel from fallen cancer hair
Yeah this ***** getting crazy and i'm with you
**** who are you?
i promise ill finish it im just looking for feedback for now sorry if its triggering or insensitive
helena alexis May 18
i met this girl once
she was different
“wanna have some fun?”
she whispered

this feeling of euphoria
courses through my veins
when i’m with her

she created stars in my eyes
so full of light
she makes me feel ecstatic
she opened my eyes to a new world
a world where i’m happy

she makes everything so bright
and vibrant, full of color
she heightens my senses

i’ve fallen in love with her
dancing and laughing
under the moonlight
i never want to be
alone without her again
a poem about my favorite drug
Music, electric goosepimples,
Our lips glittering, glow sticks,
Lovely touching in the pitch.
Loose tongues dancing ripples,
Yearning young bodies lit.
Benjamin Woolley Jan 2019
leaves falling
make their way
through trees
- fading suns
grown red -

burn green no longer
branches shedding spring
reach up now
proud sculptures

First Prometheus
show us with what strength
you defy the world
that would strip you bare
Jonathan Surname Aug 2018
Sunset nostalgia backlit by 1990s film grain.
Walks by the sea, but in reality,
it's only a small lakeside.
Beaches are broken bottles and liquor drunk.
River glass so smooth you could skip it as a stone.

What's wrong with living in your dreams?
The echoes can't answer you there, that's what.

Childhood nighttimes and dreams in black and white.
nostalgia is going to collectively **** us all
Kai Apr 2018
her affection was like a breath of oxygen
and my lungs and heart grew so used to it
that when she left
i couldn't breathe quite right
she won't read this. i miss her.
Azrapse Nov 2017
The lord is probably
Ashamed of me as son
Because I’m part of the ****
That walks his earth
Filling my lungs
with a toxic smoke
Drowning my liver
with a deadly elixir
Can’t go a day
With out a fix
I have 99 bars
And none of them
Are going to get spit
So I popped them all with Molly
And overdosed to the sirens
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