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Ashlyn Yoshida Mar 2021
They're voices hit me
like hardened citrus
Thrown at my curled body on the floor

their laughter is hurting me
their smiles are my scars

Band-aids and mocking
inside I'm breaking
everyone else loves me the way I am
so why can't they?
when school is bad you go home when home is bad where do you go?
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
He sat at the edge of the Earth, and night after night, the moon told
secrets to his mocking blue eyes, secrets that no one else could ever, ever begin to understand.
This isn't really a poem. It's more of a pretty thought or piece of pretty prose. It was written in 2016.
Danielle Feb 2020

We dance through the atmosphere
of imitation.


I am not the only one
who got this feeling.

you were mocking
when I caught you innocent;
I know, you love me.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I suspected this day was coming
Now that it's finally here
Realize I'm not ready
Face my biggest fear

I want to stop desperately
Seems I've tried a lot
Every time I am ready
Stubborn addiction is not

The drugs grab control of me
Steer me straight into a wall
Pull me back into the ditch
Doesn't matter how many times I go through withdrawal

I have learned my lesson the hard way
Much too often to count
Then again the hard way
The only way I've known about

Let the ocean take away
I drown in blue misery
Wash up on some greener shores
World that in comparison is easy

Do not smoke if you can't handle the heat
You're afraid of getting burned
Flames always steal a part
Once gone not always returned

I have given up on finding myself
Buried pieces too deep
Intention was to plant them
No harvest grows to reap

So remain trapped in a cycle
Strapped by only threads
Running from my demons
Tires me as sickness spreads

No one coming to save me
I've toppled overboard
Danced on the very edge
This is my reward

Consume me as I spiral down
Watch me crash in an explosion
Go enjoy the show
Not what I have chosen

When eyes can't stand my reflection
Monster staring back
Use to blur the edges
To smudge all that I lack

Time is always running
One minute after the next
Door to sobriety is always open
In the moment hesitating perplexed

Do not quit because I don't know how
I've done it once before
Daydreaming past recovery
Cannot remember what I did it for

When the silence starts mocking me
Following a great and heavy pause or two
Hold my hand tightly
It will pull me through
Its so hard to just walk away for good
lanico Dec 2019
the mountains keep laughing,
and mocking me from afar.
they keep mocking the useless
attempts i make
to feel like i’m worth
to feel like i really am enough.

they keep pointing at me
telling me i’ll never be
like my little brothers’
or that i won’t ever be
as clever
as bright
as wit
as my big brother is.

they keep reminding me that
i won’t ever be
as sufficient
as i want to be.
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Oh! The seas of negativity
Snickers, stares, and sneers
Lost and drowned, no opportunity
Trapped within our jeers

And (Look!) we swim and find our way
Confused when they get left behind
Worked twice as hard for no delay
Dismissed outright with (Never mind!)

Oh! Our eyes of pity stare
There with care, but not their friend
They not seen, only the chair
Proud to show the hand we lend

Yet they ignore those smirking eyes and brush those pity eyes
And proud they stand, work times ten: Knowing themselves the wise
Luna Wrenn Mar 2019
like my childhood bully
on the blacktop
of the elementary school i once attended.
poking me all over.
tormenting me.
the mocking laughter.
kicking me in the ribs,
until i ran out of air.
that's what our memories
feel like
s Willow Feb 2019
The land under the moonlight;
Nothing but a silhouette.
The night sky
Filled with childish dreams.
By daybreak
you can see that day is darker then the night.
Earth is a cold bitter world
mocking the weak.
shiv Sep 2018
you wrapped your unending vulnerability
inside a cocoon of every single one of the
foul deeds you committed.
every shameful secret you bought to life.

and you wonder why you can never grow strong.
why the only part of you that can take a hit
is the armour you bought for far too little
to bleed into your blood stream and offer your body
the support your degenerate being can't supply.
Loki Sep 2018
I sit here lost in my thoughts , soaking up with the happenings

I caught A luminous face of olive white ,
the brightest eyes of ocean blue staring into mine.

Would you believe ?
Slowing down of time? I did
As she turned her head
That luminous face changed form
Barely grasping my sight,

Like the breeze before the storm,
The storm I only wish I witnessed.
Seeing her walk away in the most graceful stlye,

I wonder if her peach lips had reflected a smile !!
As she brushed her hair behind her ear,
A Sensed a gentle breeze pushing me out of senses
Was she mocking my reality ?
Was I wrong?
My spring was here a lil late
I only wish I could have taken a glimpse of her eyes
I only wish to prove myself the reality...
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