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like my childhood bully
on the blacktop
of the elementary school i once attended.
poking me all over.
tormenting me.
the mocking laughter.
kicking me in the ribs,
until i ran out of air.
that's what our memories
feel like
s Willow Feb 27
The land under the moonlight;
Nothing but a silhouette.
The night sky
Filled with childish dreams.
By daybreak
you can see that day is darker then the night.
Earth is a cold bitter world
mocking the weak.
shiv Sep 2018
you wrapped your unending vulnerability
inside a cocoon of every single one of the
foul deeds you committed.
every shameful secret you bought to life.

and you wonder why you can never grow strong.
why the only part of you that can take a hit
is the armour you bought for far too little
to bleed into your blood stream and offer your body
the support your degenerate being can't supply.
Loki Sep 2018
I sit here lost in my thoughts , soaking up with the happenings

I caught A luminous face of olive white ,
the brightest eyes of ocean blue staring into mine.

Would you believe ?
Slowing down of time? I did
As she turned her head
That luminous face changed form
Barely grasping my sight,

Like the breeze before the storm,
The storm I only wish I witnessed.
Seeing her walk away in the most graceful stlye,

I wonder if her peach lips had reflected a smile !!
As she brushed her hair behind her ear,
A Sensed a gentle breeze pushing me out of senses
Was she mocking my reality ?
Was I wrong?
My spring was here a lil late
I only wish I could have taken a glimpse of her eyes
I only wish to prove myself the reality...
This is the first part of the 3
“Do you know why I despise this hallway?” I asked him.
“No,” he replied. For a split moment there was no sound, just our step that echoed. “Why?” He asked me back.
“Because the emptiness mocked me.” I answered.

Antares Jun 2018
What are kings, if not selfish cruel creatures,
thrones built of sacrifices,
the blind lambs of faith.
Their misdeeds,
their whims being the guiding path.
Will, paving the concrete path of others.

though brow beaten,
the knight cries.

"To what shalt we be if not without the guidance of kings,
kissed by the angels of the holy,
blessed beneath the stars?

What of the olive branch they provide?
Of the prospering and the peasantry."

how they cry within their armoured shells,
suffocating under their oaths.
Unspoken promises to their god,
their king,
Hi this is my first poem on this site.
Amanda May 2018
I will not waste time counting losses
They only bring me down
If I allow my brain to think
In my thoughts I'll surely drown

I have built a bridge over memories
To escape rapid flow
A rail so I don't tumble
Into dangerous swells below

As long as I remain detached
Distant from usual pain
I am able to harness meager cheer
Keep myself from going insane

I feel a strengthening in my blood
A wanting no longer there
I have laid away former distractions
In favor of clean vacant air

I have done away with disorder
At least the negative kind
I am going to forget my bad habits
Regain the lost parts of my mind

No more whining or self-deprecation
Or wanting to change who I will be
I am tossing out the mocking past
Finally embracing beautiful me
Written 1/13/12

Reading this now if course brings thoughts of recovery and addictiin to my mind but this was waaaay before I ever did real drugs.  It was written about my insecurities and accepting myself for the imperfect mess I am.
Johannes Coetzee Sep 2016
Thinking you were breaking my soul
Oh, little did you know
A heart made of stone
Is it me you wanted to mock?
Truth is;
I'm still standing
Wishing you could turn the clock around
Regrets now sinking in
A little too late, don't you think?
Better you wanted
And it's all I could offer
Knowing that the best is yet to come
Your impatience misleading you
Now look where it got you
Down and out, overwhelmed by regrets
Diary of a Lonely Teenager
Viseract Jun 2016
There lies a black line
Drawn through this self-hated name
And a mocking smile on the walls
a part of a poem I will not post in full. Just to keep things interesting, I'll post parts every day :) I like being different
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