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You filled
The lonely void
But, took something
More precious when you

Thought we got
Something special
The lies you fed,

An entertainer
A pass time
My worth

Million pieces scattered
Around me
No matter,

Continents apart
A thorn
From my past,

Poking me
For naivety
I crass,

Trust a
Foreign land
I fear to venture,

Burnt thousand times
Scars lathered
Still burning from
Alt you poured,

Your laughter ‘still’
Rang in ears
Calling me unworthy
I swear,

You whiled
Away with pride
Crushing mine,

I carry the ashes
To this day
Remembering the words
‘You were to easy to sway’
Renn Powell Mar 2019
like my childhood bully
on the blacktop
of the elementary school i once attended.
poking me all over.
tormenting me.
the mocking laughter.
kicking me in the ribs,
until i ran out of air.
that's what our memories
feel like
John-Chris Ward May 2014
There must be enough love to pass around.
There must be enough love in the world.
All  I've got to give is all for him,
And all he's got to give to me I'm ready to receive.
He'll take me higher,
He'll make me see,
He'll make me feel,
He'll make me be all that I never thought I could be.
He'll take me higher.
He'll take me higher than the clouds in the sky,
Cosmic love with the Sun and the stars.
I'm serious, about us.
There must be enough love to pass around.
There must be enough love in the world.
All I've got to give all belongs to him,
I'm giving up on Lonely Street.
I've found love.
He wants me for me,
I see fire between us, flames in our hearts,
And sparks in his eyes.
I've found love.
I haven't found love quite yet so you know I'll still be expecting applications at anytime, all the time (I'm just joking.....maybe):):):)

— The End —