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Perdue Poems Jan 2021
Is it growth
Or appeasement

Heal the wounds
Or bury them away

Sharing biting words
Do they push away
Or penetrate
A stone soul

I don't know if I should love
Or shove away
All the bad people
Who may need warmth
Or a cold shock
Perdue Poems Feb 2020
Relax it seems I never do
Though meditating I heard helps
Perhaps another Xanax will
Help me with my meditation
Perdue Poems Jan 2020
We laid on green dragon fur
Upon his raised back
Hands locked tight in bond
The black papered sky, with eyes white
Gazed into our black pooled pupils
Wondering if eyes as humans have,
So poor, could see love as she did

Would I give my eyes for yours
Lady of the night and stars?
How often do I question love
When it arrives at my door
Perhaps I don't believe that love should come
So freely for me

Turning on the dragon's back
His thin green hair brushes against my cheek
My eyes break from space
Gazing at the man I'm laid beside

I cannot see his love before me
There is no light from his chest
I see no aura floating near
Nor blemish on his unmarked skin

He rolls and gazes lock
In the eyes of stars I saw eternal light
But his eyes show me endless love
I know I need no stars for eyes
I see your love for me
For your love shines clear in your gaze
and plainly I can see
Perdue Poems Jan 2020
With pendulum footsteps, I walked the splitting wood
My last splinters of security, death withheld my own
I'm the board beneath me, lone
I too bent under men's self-deemed mighty steps
creaking subdued words as they atop me roamed
And in my final march, I find no roaring lion nor passion's flame
Only fear I knew in life born from lions tamed

Little know about Death, but I see Him, know
He is my reflection in the pool below
We are the fore bringers of our own demise
For Death's wrappings take from us, His muse
Will we not live, and let Death take from nothing?
But living not is living still
And too stills Death's reflection pool

Now at the end of my wooden plank
And the mountain range of waves lap at me to hold
I no longer see reflections
But I still feel the fear
With a swing, I fell forward, soar!
And as the icy grip brushed my warm flesh
Fear I felt no more
Perdue Poems Oct 2019
When will we take the rocks
From caves
We’ve been hiding in
And fix our spending (change)

And where do we take the water
From rivers
We’ve been floating on
And fix our dying (thirst)

And why do we wait to take the trees
From forests
We’ve been living in
And fix our writing (pencils)

And how can we take the sand grains
From beaches
We’ve been sleeping on
And fix our broken (windowpane)

The rocks, water, trees, and grains
From which we came
Cannot fix
our spending, our dying, our writing, our broken
We fix what we broke
And leave our homes among
The rocks, water, trees, and grains
At peace
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
The first time I flew
I marveled at the sky
Blue and orange and red
The second time I flew again and read
The amazing magazines of Flight 18
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
A path completed to a routine
It seemed there would be no blunder
I rode like before’s before
With great success
Until I slipped into the valley creek
Falling off the bridge
The day her eyes were watching
It was not my eyes that sank
But her’s that weighed heavy
Impressing the impressive on me
Eyes add weight I did not know
The weight of another soul
One is tough for me
Two’s another load
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