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Perdue Poems Oct 26
When will we take the rocks
From caves
We’ve been hiding in
And fix our spending (change)

And where do we take the water
From rivers
We’ve been floating on
And fix our dying (thirst)

And why do we wait to take the trees
From forests
We’ve been living in
And fix our writing (pencils)

And how can we take the sand grains
From beaches
We’ve been sleeping on
And fix our broken (windowpane)

The rocks, water, trees, and grains
From which we came
Cannot fix
our spending, our dying, our writing, our broken
We fix what we broke
And leave our homes among
The rocks, water, trees, and grains
At peace
Perdue Poems Sep 17
The first time I flew
I marveled at the sky
Blue and orange and red
The second time I flew again and read
The amazing magazines of Flight 18
Perdue Poems Sep 17
A path completed to a routine
It seemed there would be no blunder
I rode like before’s before
With great success
Until I slipped into the valley creek
Falling off the bridge
The day her eyes were watching
It was not my eyes that sank
But her’s that weighed heavy
Impressing the impressive on me
Eyes add weight I did not know
The weight of another soul
One is tough for me
Two’s another load
Perdue Poems Sep 11
I opened my closet door and fingered through my masks
"Which one should I wear today" I wondered by myself
"Today is Susan's birthday, perhaps a happy face"
"Though John just lost his game, perhaps a sad one as well"
"And Tonya's mom is nervous, perhaps some empathy"
As I looked upon my masks to wear, all seemed quite fitting
I removed the mask I wore below, the mask of apathy
as I slowly peeled back this fleshy molded face
a salty barren field revealed its proper place
as true features themselves emerged
amuck with tears unnoticed
by myself
Perdue Poems Sep 11
"oh goodness me"
"oh sorry"
"excuse me"
"gosh **** weeds"
"yikers bees!"

my tongue how you censor me
around my Christian society

but how I wish I could say

Perdue Poems Sep 6
I rubbed my red shawl raw with soap
Pure white cotton was my hope
My red shawl remains
Perdue Poems Sep 6
Wallowing Wisdom stood widowed
with none to carry her bags across the busied road
heavy were Wisdom's bags, and wide was the street
who would want to carry widowed Wisdom's load
For Wisdom was old and Wisdom was slow
who would help the widow
Many ran by Wisdom not noticing her bags
their eyes were sharply focused on the sidewalk ahead
some passed Wisdom by without a second glance
others stared in pity but left for better circumstance
a few did stop to heave Wisdom's bags
only to feel their suffering arms dropped them in the road

In certain happenstance, there appeared another woman divine
who's eyes shined, her beautiful smile wide
many clamored to her side
pondering the name of radiant light
"Happiness" said she, many approved
a fitting name for a fitted love
the throng extended down the road
helping with her bags
how light were they!
Hearts yearned for Happiness
adored around the world
for she was ever-lovely
emptied pockets paid
what a wonderful commodity
The Happiness Company

Widowed Wisdom stood alone with heavy bags in hands of old
on she walked on her own and dragged her bags of gold
Wallowing widowed Wisdom wept and cried in anguish
her screams ripping through the streets
in the middle of the road, she fell to her knees
wishing she may have her company
but too many forget
too many ignore
wailing Wisdom
on the road's floor
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