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  Jan 2020 lanico
Sterling Kelley
the pain still feels the same
but it could all be washed away
all i want
is to hear your voice say
i love you
so my ears can finally hear it for the first time
instead of just seeing it on a page
lanico Dec 2019
time is not happy with us now
time is not on our side

and the clock keeps tic-toeing
having my days counted
leaving an aching feeling in my

time is over now and there's no turning back, because it is angry with me
and all the moments
and feelings
i’ve lost
and buried
lanico Dec 2019
the mountains keep laughing,
and mocking me from afar.
they keep mocking the useless
attempts i make
to feel like i’m worth
to feel like i really am enough.

they keep pointing at me
telling me i’ll never be
like my little brothers’
or that i won’t ever be
as clever
as bright
as wit
as my big brother is.

they keep reminding me that
i won’t ever be
as sufficient
as i want to be.
  Dec 2019 lanico
Anakaren Davila
And if we're ever lucky enough

we'll meet each other again.

We'll look into each other's eyes

maybe only for a split second, as we pass by.

Maybe you'll be on your phone,

and I'll have a coffee on my right hand.

And we will cross each other indifferently

but our eyes will know.

'*** the eyes

my sweet, gentle, boy,

they never lie.

  Dec 2019 lanico
when your eyes meet mine
the world around me slows
it fades in and out
only bits and pieces float through
my consciousness
all i can see is your face
and your smile
and your eyes
and nothing seems to bother me
except the fact
that you're so far away
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