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Kassan Jahmal Jan 17
A taste of life:
green mangoes dipped in
vinegar and salt
None distilled moments
rising worries on top your head- a malt
You keep blaming yourself;
worried and pressed strain on cheeks
Squeezing in a sting of pain
as the first and long taste of something sweet

Pools of spit
flowing unrest in the society
of oppressed people
How not to speak in a place
that has you swallow a needle
The lethal poison of dying tastefully
******* bullets—oh what a steel
They robbed your opinion, with their
own stronger opinion over yours
It's always the problem of a bigger
world; you can never speak against a first
world country. Clench your jaws, and grab
a gun— we're about to fight their wars

The taste of blood
you taste out of a ****** nose
We're torn in our hearts, torn in
our clothes—killing the look of wearing
bullet holes
Gold digging in pockets by the mines
of minors—still a bunch of hoes
Growing up in the dark gardens made of
weeds. You've crowned yourself in shame,
but call yourself king and queen

The taste of failure in the world
the taste of expired goods in a first bite
An approach to running into conclusions,
delusions of subtle uneasiness, of seeing a
roach in a supermarket pie

It's like wanting to die, but not having the
means to afford a less painful suicide
So you keep pushing on in this distasteful
life —dying inside. It all tastes so vile!

Why won't my tongue go numb
to the displease of not tasting success
Failure feels like a chilli cough stuck
in your chest. Depends on how well
you can cope with being depressed

You'll acquire all the tastes you
like, but also know so well the tastes
so vile of life. All acquired tastes
Kamila Aug 2021
Sometimes you change
And so does your mentality.
You ain't recognize your taste,
Unfollow pages, cause now they bring anxiety.

Sometimes you change
And not only location,
But also people that you place
Around yourself, it's called prioritization.

Sometimes you change
And ain't making same decision.
New choices you now make
Do set new course and clear your vision.
Piyath Nov 2020
Ah! You're already here
I've been waiting dear
This you have to hear
It's somethin' to adhere

It's tongues dried
and lungs fried
Not other way around
And I don't refund

So let's get down
to what you want
The tastes I own;
the ones you'll flaunt

Cracked bones
and hacked jaws
Charred toes
and bottled gore

From pickled hearts
to private parts
Just say the name,
I've got it all

Just take your time
and think it through
And when it's right
I'll come find you

It's been a while
Did you decide?
Just ditch your pride
and speak your mind

So it's 'crispy skin'?
'kay, I'll let you in
Let's taste your kin
Yes, it's not a sin
I don't support cannibalism, this is just a poem in the perspective of a fictional cannibal introducing the reader to it's darker depths.
Colm Oct 2019
Meandering … I know right away
What the context of this dark entails
What the question of this day implies
And so I'll answer
In distilling this … in the stillness therein lies
Though sunshine isn't yet necessary
To bring a shining smile to my face
Squinting on a day like this … born distinguishment
When I know, I know
Like the *** and groundless coffee based
It is good today
Gosh it's good today
Such a natural feeling, when you better yourself. When you can self-diagnose, identify and adjust. Not change mind you. Just adjust (as true change takes time). But it feels so good to me, to just wake up after a day of unconsciousness, and be conscious again. Or perhaps that should be the other way round, LOL. But truly… To go from being blocked, to being unblocked. To go from being frustrated, to being at ease. Nothing feels better than that. No drug or high can compare, to the artist content and at their leisure, having since slayed the dragon in their subconscious mind.
And this is a verse for a day like that. Woot woot.
James Heinrich May 2019
When I create poetry
it may not be your cup of tea
nor a great form of artistry
But it'll never be empty
as my words will always have
fragments of me
Maziar Ghaderi Apr 2019
waves are like people
no two are alike
yet they all end up doing the same thing
like the one before it
and the one after
at their own pace
they’ll wait
until the perfect time
that one that just feels right
but when it comes
the beach is different
tastes have changed
because the trends have too
We eat in the restaurants
Eat in the bars
By the bistros
Against the street or on the ground
It does not matter where we are found
As we eat like we are dancing
With no one around
Who could possibly be watching?

Inside your own home
A house of a lone star
Impossibly pondering
How the pauper used wood
And turned it into cooking.

Food can be shared for
A life once cared for
Kept to yourself
Perhaps you beg not to share it
An octagon plate and octagon jades
Caramel vinegar rain
Tossing and turning with lightning veins.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Small, sweet milk-white squares
Fresh fruits and nuts chopped
Hazelnuts, pistachios,
cashews, dried cherries
Honeyed-almonds, crunch
So toothsome
Eighteenth Epulaeryu! ^-^
Been a while since I had some good nougat, I love when they add more dried fruits such as apricots. They're my favourite.
My sweet-tooth continues to rage, lool!
Lyn ***
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