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When I create poetry
it may not be your cup of tea
nor a great form of artistry
But it'll never be empty
as my words will always have
fragments of me
waves are like people
no two are alike
yet they all end up doing the same thing
like the one before it
and the one after
at their own pace
they’ll wait
until the perfect time
that one that just feels right
but when it comes
the beach is different
tastes have changed
because the trends have too
We eat in the restaurants
Eat in the bars
By the bistros
Against the street or on the ground
It does not matter where we are found
As we eat like we are dancing
With no one around
Who could possibly be watching?

Inside your own home
A house of a lone star
Impossibly pondering
How the pauper used wood
And turned it into cooking.

Food can be shared for
A life once cared for
Kept to yourself
Perhaps you beg not to share it
An octagon plate and octagon jades
Caramel vinegar rain
Tossing and turning with lightning veins.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
You smell of moonlight,
Gentle words
And the type of rebellion I have yet to taste.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Small, sweet milk-white squares
Fresh fruits and nuts chopped
Hazelnuts, pistachios,
cashews, dried cherries
Honeyed-almonds, crunch
So toothsome
Eighteenth Epulaeryu! ^-^
Been a while since I had some good nougat, I love when they add more dried fruits such as apricots. They're my favourite.
My sweet-tooth continues to rage, lool!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jan 2018
Tears and water are similar
but have dissimilar
Food for thought...
Moeshfiekah Jan 2018
I drank her dry.
But hadn't I'd known that
Would be my last.
I would have savored her
In my mouth.
Alas, I had forgotten how she tastes
And that is my eternal doom
A lost soul looking to be revived again by her lover .
Martin Narrod Oct 2017
Swiping itches
Sticky fingers
Yields those smells we love
To touch it, thrills
You mean business
Steady shucking,
Harvests tingles starting from these toes
**** junk, to the nostrils
Smells like rock ‘n roll

Fuzzy nothings
Sweeping softness
Inside wet with joy
Excited aces, jack of clovers
Licks the spades in throes
Something wilder
Up above us
Shivers chilled with awe
Insight betwixt our interstices
This mouth cleaving chills below

Always ready
Never settling
Redolent God-like muse
This music is something
To be messed with
Together we watch our show
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