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Malia Mar 1
She’s on top of the world
But she’s up there all alone.
She’s a goddess disguised
But her feet can’t find the ground

If you
Read her face you’ll see
The seasons never show.
Not new,
It’s a makeup routine for the ages
And no, no nobody knows the way
She’ll change into stone.
This is a part of a song that I’m writing but it hasn’t been finished yet.
Ransom'sTake01 Sep 2016
I am talking epitome.
Rock bottm's for those who used to be feelin me,
but you know I haven't been workin that ****.
You all know I've been chuggin for this,
like a train I've been transporting coal for this.
Now really think you can punch back to my fist?
I am realer than this,
I won't that the diss. I catch it and throw it so precise to miss.
I'mma severe this, 
like a *******.
Cause I know that this pain will raise me to this,
and I'mma conquer it.
And I will be lovin it, ba dup ba ba.
I don't take promises.
Think that I'll make them and I'll be busting it.
Don't you know by now I see something and stick to it,
I'mma rip this restrict.
I am freedom by this,
and I care too much to be narcissist.
Just try and tell me to "slow down".
I've been working too long to know how.
Been working too much not to own this town.
And if I'm not the best, you know I keep it the realest,
and if you feel this, get on my level, my level of clearness.
Know I'm attracted to clarity,
smoky and dark rooms never worked for me.
And if you wonder if I'm giving my all,
know that I'm giving it my everything.

— The End —