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Brandon Conway Nov 2018
A gravekeeper by trade
burying the dead to stay alive
with a green thumb and *****
the unused earth oh how it strives!

Fat tubers and roots
green leaves with red veins
small vines sprouting fruits
even a small section for grains

The gravekeeper never goes hungry
his family never starves
he loves living in the country
and his plot of earth that he carves

One day two fresh dead
and a rat, maybe two scampered by
soon a sickness to be widespread
day by day how that multiplied!

More bodies into the earth
how did his garden shrink
he was crying and crying
this gravekeeper didn't know what to think!

Should he be happy for business
should he be sad for the loss
is he crying for his vegetables
or is he crying for the bodies that are tossed

Little by little did the green become stone
his loved ones feast on a diet of worms
now he, a lonely gardener of bones
sits and watches as his world burns
Shaxy Aug 2018
If you ever meet someone
who tries so hard
to stick by you
through your difficult moments,
do me a favor, please...
Keep them.
I beg you, please,
no matter what happens
you've gotta keep them;
because it ain't easy to find someone
who cares enough
to look past your flaws
and accept you for who you actually are.
Gentle reminder.
All the boys, and girls.
Christopher Jun 2018
"Swear on your life you'll never tell a soul! SWEAR!"

The more they trust, the more I hear.
Sorry to make you repeat, couldn't hear you clear.
Yes I'll hold this dear,
But promise me you'll become clean.

What did I just see,
I didn't mean to hide these true things,
No I mean...please just hear me please don't, there's no need to scream and shout!

I did it for you
I didn't mean to hurt your heart and send you into these deep thoughts.
Don't seek the truth. It's just knowledge to regret. Just stay wise...
Geanna Jun 2018
She's mine, mine to keep
She's in too deep
I promise i'll be a tease
Slice and dice you'll beg me please
~ G.P.O
Haylin Jun 2018
Anna's pov while she is dead

For a long time
I nearly failed
Then inexplicably
I began the long steep climb upward
My last chance
But someone took my place

There were times I stayed
To listen to my mother cry
Then one morning
My mother realized that we had everything

I felt like I had a shrine
Jesse, sitting on the couch said,"She would have thought it was funny"
The bitter sore memory that someone has left this world
You are still in it
Then one day you look down and see how much pain

Kate's pov as she's alive

I wonder if
Anna lingered in the spaces between the words
I wonder if she knows
That Daddy fell deep after she left
I wonder if she knows that every time I see two little girls
I think of us
This is a blackout poem from My Sisters Keeper
Both poems are written at the same time but Anna is writing it dead and Kate is alive
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
I say learn to practice what you preach
You have no rights to tear other people down
Remember this life is a long sandy beach
Each man has a unique print of his own.

So learn to always show love and support
No man is an Island, the famous adage says,
Brother-keeping is what life's entirely about
And kindness is a blessed seed sown for better days.

Love your neighbor as thyself, the good book says
How long will we go contrary to this universal law,
Commanded by God Himself since ancient of days?
A law in which he invested time and love to draw.

So where is humanity, where is that universal love?
It's time for the strong to give the weak a helping hand
The seed of love is the will of the Most High from above
So let love become that unique footprint left in the sand.

#Vanguard-Poetry23 ©️✍️ #IvanBrookspoetry©️
twitter @ivanclappers #IvanBrooksquotes©️
'' Love your neighbor as thyself ! ''...This is the closes we can come to loving and obeying God..
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I'm the Giver!
I'm the Safer!
I'm the Secret Keeper!
I'm the Peace Maker!
And she stood there...turning her eyes away from me...
And she Stood there...away from her car and her body refuses to leave...
And she stood there...covering her body with her gentle hands in shyness...
She...Asked.... "Can I ask you for something!"!!
With A smile...With a trembling Heart...With I said "I will give that Hug" that I hold it back hours ago!!...
Throwing herself into my arms, and hiding her face out of shyness...
She threw herself, saying in silence "I want to feel safe!"!...
She threw herself, clinging strongly to my chest as if she is saying..." Don't Disappear!"...
She.....didn't know before she asked...
                                All her prayers were answered!!!!
Darkly Oct 2016
Tick tock says the clock
I might take a walk
I have counted all the cracks
In every single pane of glass
Look outside beyond the wall
All those trees growing tall

I turn and I am swallowed
By this space that I have made
Sinking through the tiles I have placed

Waking up to the moon's bright gaze
Tick tock it could be too late
Quickly don your twisted shape

Stepping lightly along the path
Following shadows that cover the grass
Why did I leave?

I close my eyes and listen to the whispering breeze...
Following "Obscured Spires".
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