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Shaxy Oct 2018
using me

yours sincerely,
cigarette sticks
Quit while you still can.
Shaxy Oct 2018
You've hurt me
And you've caused me
A great deal of
But that does not mean
That I will never
Be able to
From this pain
You've put me through
I'll show you what I'm made of
I will assemble
All the
Broken pieces
Of me
That you've shattered
I will stand back up
Stronger than ever
Leaving you questioning yourself
If hurting me
Was actually the best thing
You have ever done
In order to destroy me
And that's when you'll realize that
hurting me
was not enough
(and can never be enough)
to destroy me.
Shaxy Oct 2018
Shaxy Oct 2018
here you were,
                there you are

then you were near,
                now you are far

            nothing but a pretty scar
I wish you could be as close
(to me)
as the scars on my body
Shaxy Sep 2018
We are all beautiful
even if we are lonely
just like the moon.
And even in the darkness
we still shine so bright
from within.
again, just like the moon.
Shaxy Sep 2018
it's past two a.m.
and I'm here
laying in my bed
where the scent of you
still lingers
in the lonely air
it's been 120 days
since you left me
without a word
I'm missing you
as though
I was never hurt
so tell me
am I a faithful soul
for still loving you
am I ridiculously stupid?
Questions that matter.
Shaxy Sep 2018
I wanted to write a book
about Us
but how could I
Our ending
is only in
Chapter One?
A very short love story
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