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Dani Jun 5
I found it, I finally found it!
It was hidden deep down,
Covered in layers by a mighty frown.
Freedom from your control and your anger
Has made me a better stranger!
Dancing in the streets
Loving in the sheets!
What bliss it is
To find this!

I was drowning for so long,
Grasping at any emotional song.
Just to feel something,
To know happiness or pain, anything!
I tell you know, I sing with joy,
I am free to kiss a girl or boy.
Does it really matter which?
Now that I have escaped your grasp, *****!

I found it!, I searched so long for it!
My SOUL if free
My very inner-core is happy!

I lost my soul somewhere along the road
But now I do not allow a touch by hands so cold.
I know better, and I learned.
For so long I had yearned,
To bring to life the adventurous me.
Now here I dance, and sing,
Here I raise my glass to the happy and free!
See "I Lost My Soul"
Dani Mar 8
I lost my soul
Somewhere along the road
I cannot tell you if it was stolen
Or misplaced, I have forgotten

I used to run
I carried with me tons of fun
It resided within my heart
Gone forever, or just broken apart?

I was energetic
And positive with a personality magnetic
Where did it go
I ask myself, but I do not know

I lost myself
Somewhere I’m boxed up on a shelf
Hidden by fear and stress
Emotions in a box, I’m expressionless

I lost my soul
It started many years ago
Slowly and steadily stripped away
Because I gave myself away
Never again will I let someone tare down my soul...
Dani Feb 25
If only you knew
What I really thought of you
My knight in shining armor
But now you just devour
It is like you eat my soul
******* the life as we go

Maybe you don’t realize
That you have left me paralyzed
Not by love, or infatuation
But by a soul disruption
Leaving me numb and blue
Suffocating, If only you knew

Do you see what you are doing?
Do you know where we are going?
Because I screamed it out nice and loud
I stand alone, but I’m going to find my crowd

Because you refused to let our souls live
We will wither away, nothing to give
Do you hear me screaming?
I tried, but soon they’ll say “she died
Suffocated by a soulless life
So sad, she should have tried
Could have been so much more
Than a ‘perfect wife’" .. that's for sure

Do you see me now?
HERE I AM, I bow
Not in submission, NO
But to signal a dramatic completion
Of a play that is too long for the screens
A sad, sad play full of numb and blank scenes
You see, I am ending it now
so we can take our bow

You may choose to stand on stage for the end of time
But I will build my own Moulin Rouge with a bright sign
I will live life, and enjoy my ride
Goodbye goodbye, I officially resign
Dani Feb 25
Sh.. Don’t tell him, but I have a secret
He doesn’t know yet...
I have to go, or i’ll have more and more regret
It’s a big one… it’ll cause a lot of pain, I bet

I am leaving him, don’t you know?
For a woman, he doesn’t even know
She is pretty, most days I like her
She recently found herself, suddenly so sure

***** blonde hair, that rests at her neck
Bright green eyes, and .. give me a sec…
There’s more.
She is strong - a quality I adore

Her walk is purposeful
Her talk is straightforward and meaningful
She is ***** minded and a little bit odd
She is a pink salmon in a river of cod

Standing out from the crowd you see
She is a wild spirit that just got set free
I love her, like I never have before
A new found trust in her very core

I tell you this, because I had to hear it
I don’t know how he will bare it
When I tell him I have to go
To be with this woman I found when I was low

The biggest secret is yet to be told you see
Because the woman I need to be with,          is me.
I found strength in myself finally
He tried to put me through a refinery

But I dug deep, with no time to weep
I clung to my spirit in hopes to keep
The happy and adventurous me
So here I go, I am finally free
He doesn't know yet. He doesn't know yet. I am almost FREE!
Dani Feb 25
You drew me in, in that special way you do
Pulled into your space without resistance
A deer in headlights in total awe of you
Frozen and nervous, between us there is zero distance

Crashed into each other slowly like waves in the ocean
Beautiful and harsh, full of passion
Water to sand, meshing together in slow motion
Fierce with lust, and an undeniable connection

The sweet taste of your lips on mine
Makes butterflies swarm my whole body
Please, I beg cross the line
We don’t mind being a little bit naughty

So to you I raise my glass
Cheers for bringing me intoxication
A toast for every slap of my ***
A smile, for every bit of our infatuation
Dani Jan 18
A land only nature has touched
A lion to its prey, clutched
Before that though
The Lion crept up real slow
Crouched down real low
He puts on a good show
Creeping and crawling
Absolutely stalking
His ***** orange coloring
Unseen by a prey so alluring
His big tufted paws are like a quiet breeze
Unheard by a prey totally at ease
His eyes focus, like a morning lotus
Finding the sun with such slowness
Silently stalking towards prey, not yet ferocious
A gleaming meaty meal ready to devour
Just another moment and little prey will cower
First a pounce with claws drawn out
Then a bit and a shake, making the prey shout
Now a *****!
Chewing prey up before its deceased
Drug across the land only nature has touched
A lion has won it’s hunt, quiet now, be hushed
Can you hear nature sing, the way she does
With violence and beauty no matter if lion or cheetahs
Now humans are different! Or is it really so?
The desire the same as a beasts hunt, reaping what we sow
A need to ***** and overpower
A craving to devour
devouring our lust driven, instinctual driven desires...
Dani Jan 15
It sure is such a rarity
To have any kind of clarity
In this pall we’re cover with - no verity
Grey is not lit with any prosperity
Only shroud covered lands all in a form of familiarity
Knowing what is covered, but cannot see it’s true identity
Shadows cast through the day of skies so cloudy
A wet mist reminds - there is no remedy
Sunshine does not peek or wink through an atmosphere so gloomy
Dark grey grows over the land walked by one in singularity
Unfortunately, having clarity is such a rarity, a sad insincerity..
When the day is gloomy, depressed, and/or down feeling. When you feel that the world about you is so far away from any of your senses....
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