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Dani Apr 2021
Obey, do not display
Stay, there is no time to play
Emotions are not for show
Just reap the crops you sow

**** it all
Do not fall
You cannot fail
For you must set sail

To the ends of success
No need for excess
Emotions are not for show
Just reap the crops you sow

Reap and reap, build and build
Do not let down your guild
Keep going, do not dwell
On the pains that swell

This is what we are taught
This is how we get caught
In the perpetual fire blazing
Judging eyes a-gazing

It burns you up
To be ****** up
It devours your life
Nothing left, bring on the scythe

Why love or live another day?
When I've already been murdered inside?
What really is there left to say?
How can I live when I've already died?

Let me tell you something neat
Its knowledge is power that cannot be beat
Ready? It's a hard pill to swallow for sure
It will allow life to florish, but it's not quite a cure
You see.... it takes a lot of work
I'll say again, it takes a lot of work!!
Listen carefully now, It's not just for tricks
Allow yourself to feel the pain, and you will die a Phoenix
You will be brought back to life
And oh, what a wonderful life
It is filled with joy and love
It takes a lot of work, most important though, LOVE
The kind that's raw and open deep
The kind that brings a melody and weeps
Love, it is the birth and death of all
So listen carefully my Phoenix, do you hear the call?
Bottling up your emotions is crippling. Allow yourself to feel again and joy will return.
Dani Apr 2021
Why do you haunt me ghost
Lingering, lurking, and watching your host
Around every joyful corner you linger
From every happy window you watch
And from ever peripheral shadow you lurk
You do not own me
Yet you dangle a key
As if to show my captivity
In chains I am bound
As memories fly around
Nightmare is a better name
For this haunting game
Day lit terrors before my eyes
Sunny momentarily, til you cover the skies
A dark lit confusion
Met with desperation

All the unspoken screams
Still rattle in my head
Fear fills what were once dreams
Panic now owns my bed
A bed I wish to share
With kindness and love
But you lay there and stare
Dani Oct 2020
Oh, but what a wild world it is
You see we breath to live
Yet, we live to die
Dani Aug 2020
What is it that you see in me
Captivating and engaging
Listening and relatable
Understanding and without prejudgements
Hell, without any judgements
So you lean in
You get close
You relate and confess and dive deep within yourself
Open up and share
Shed your walls and calased emotions
This feeling not like any other
Not many make you feel this way
So infatuation you grow
And intrigue you sow
And in love you fall
For this, you cannot let go
It is vulnerable and raw
It is open and healing
Calming and exciting
Love, you believe
But love, you do not know
For these are not for you
They are of me
Who I am and who I continue to be
It not for you, it is for me
You are not my dear beloved
Just simply my muse
Flirtation? You must be mistaken
This is my Aura, this is my color

Although you love my color
You do not love ME

For you do not know of the dark shades I harbor
Or the corner with my monsters - that I love so
I cannot be yours, yet you are mine
Given so easily and devotely
But I cannot do that same

This is not my name
My title is not for you
It is for me
I am mine, I am not made for you
Infatuation is not love.
Dani Jul 2020
The moon rises high in the sky
To the light of day we say goodbye
As the sun goes away
The wolf comes out to play
The man goes away
And the wolf comes out to play
A ***** of flesh it desires
A primal instinct it requires
It runs with the wind
On a hunt for those who have sinned
To eat their hearts full of mud
It's mouth dripping with dark red blood
Sharp teeth and ragged fur
Protection you cannot procure
To the light of day we say goodbye
As the moon rises high in the sky
The form of man goes away
So the wolf can come out to play
Inspired by my daughter playing in nature!
Dani Jul 2020
A black hole is ******* in light
Gravity is everything and it's folding inward
Crushing, absolutely crumbling
Like a thousand tons on your chest

Emptiness and nothingness consume

Do you feel it, the darkness?
Where everything and nothing exist all at once
Where you can touch fear and see joy
Isn't it beautiful, and terrible all at once

It's the heaviness of gravity and flying
The consumption of death and life
Adrenaline and calmness
It's destruction and reconstruction

Staring at the darkness where nothing and everything live
Feeling both all at once
Every emotion floods your soul
As the pressure of the condensing black numbs every nerve

You're floating away, sinking and flying
Deeper into the hole of emotional despair
Higher into the dark empty peace
Are we dying or is this living?

Scream, scream! ... Louder!
Pull me out, someone please pull me out
I have no strength left to fight
I'm terrified, but I'm empty
It's peaceful letting go
But I don't want to
Depression is scary. Keep swimming! Keep fighting.
Dani Jun 2020
I've always been told I couldn't.
I finally realize that I can
Take what I want
Devour my needs
Taste the forbbiden fruits
Ones without labor
Grown from stone
Gleaming brightly and suddenly,
As I took a bite
As my lips met skin
The sweet fruity juices became blood
Red dripped from my mouth
Solitude never felt so cold
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