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Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016
Your moth light is supposed to
sustain me.

I am told to discredit
my sun,

its fuel unnecessary,
yours enough.

What do shadows live on,
this light?

I am the keeper of your
caterpillar dreams.
Featured along with other fine poems in my poetry collection, "Witch", available on Amazon and Lulu.
Jenn Coke Jun 2016
He was never my classmate,
Neither was he my schoolmate,
As we have met on OkCupid,
Which is where we got suited.

He soon became my tablemate,
Then got promoted to bedmate,
Ranging from late-night nosh
To some naughty oh-my-gosh.

He was my almost-roommate,
Now, a hopeful housemate,
Since he would visit me daily
And keep me company gaily.

He was frequently my seatmate,
As well as invaluable playmate,
For we traveled places together
And cloyingly wrestled each other.

He has always been my helpmate,
And is presently my best teammate,
As he has cheered me up from afar,
As we chat as if there is no au revoir.

He will one day become my inmate,
Plus my hard-working workmate,
Since we will both have mini-me’s
Forcing us to slog away on our knees.

He is undoubtedly my soulmate,
One who is to become my lifemate,
For he is a romantic yet **** geek,
A keeper with charms all too unique.
takitak Apr 2016
I gave you the key,
you were my keeper

I trusted you my heart,
yet you went ahead
and lost it

Now, it's still locked
my own heart I can't open

till someone finds the key
for now, I won't know
how to love
Ethan Moon Dec 2015
Black is the colour
Where other colours go
Swimming in
I am absorption,
Thick graphite drawings.
Tar, pitch, embellished
Bruised colours like flowers;
Hidden powers in these cowards.
Mortals are more fun than gods–I touch
Music, sinews, my flesh, fie,
These lights bruise my eye–it’s cold
I smell. Sigh. Rain and earth, fresh,
Solid. Home
Black is a colour
I swim. Sleep. Such
Is this: I am not Hamlet’s Ghost

She caught my dreams
with a net like
a broken winged firefly.

She stored it in
the mason jar
of her heart.
M Eastman Aug 2015
Keeper of the meaning
      Mindfulness a prelude
           The struggled literature
  it asked the way
The keeper,  
    contemplating the path
          Stopped to think about
       Natural things
Asking elders on the trail
Creating triads
         Depicting aspects  
                  of her answer
    To the question
What it means
And some;          
  were enlightened
             And air and breath and beauty
       Wrought wrath
Indigenous justices
    Things worth keeping
          To the keeper of meaning
Phil Lindsey Jun 2015
The keeper of illumination
Aye, the keeper of the light
Safety first, his fascination
Dusk to evening through the night.

Aye, the keeper of the light,
Every season, every day
Dusk to evening, through the night
He tends the beacon, shows the way.

Every season, every day
Climbs thirteen flights of thirteen stairs
He tends the beacon, shows the way
The Fresnel lantern he prepares.

Climbs thirteen flights of thirteen stairs
Skyward, toward the landing high
The Fresnel lantern he prepares
Lighthouse beacon must not die.

Skyward, toward the landing high
Strike the match, produce the spark
Lighthouse beacon must not die.
Guides ships safely through the dark.

Strike the match, produce the spark
Safety first, his fascination
Guides ships safely through the dark
The keeper of illumination.
Phil Lindsey 6/25/15
My first attempt at 'pantoum'.  Please help, criticism welcome!  :-)  We visited a lighthouse on Hunting Island (South Carolina) yesterday.  Great day, fascinating lighthouse!
Silence Screamz Feb 2015
You told me words that were untrue
From our younger years to older through
My brother's keeper, we grew up mild
Time went rapid, you hit me wild

I stood there, by your side
watching summer nights and purple skies
Four years the younger, I looked your way
the moment you changed, you started to sway

Clothes on line, ripped off the wire
tucked under the bed, caught by the fire
You wasn't the same, I hear the sound
Confused and derailed, I felt left bound

Battered left bruised and pushed through the wall
One lonely child, no father at all
Gone from the family, tattered to shreds
No scraps on the table, just lying in beds

Gone for years then returning in vain
You asked for sorrow, but left only pain
Mental anguish awaits, not knowing why
Again you came back, others do cry

Born again you say, bashing the girl
What words do you speak? Life is a whirl
I stood by the mirror, shaking my mind
Disjointed and insane, your voice is a crime

With media you hide, through invisible means
Taken to hearts, I heard others scream
From afar you tap keys and sent to the west
Your mind is mess, only crazy was left

Bent by the lonesome, I feel heartache for you
Your brother's keeper gone by the cue
No longer a sentence but crowded by thought
I sit alone in the pitch, forever I sought
For a brother that left people abandoned, hurt and broken
Elioinai Oct 2014
Oh Keeper of my heart,
Massage to soul I bruised,
Stay my masochistic hand,
Stop me from throwing rocks,
At my own glass chest.
Help me to see the unfading beauty,
You made me to be.
You commanded me to do away with fear,
And yet here he is at my table.
Peace is by a far a sweeter dish,
And my tongue longs to hold it forever.

Oh Keeper of my heart,
You won’t let it fall,
Or let it be broken beyond repair.
So I may love recklessly,
If I love you the most.

Your peace is like a gentle rain,
Falling on a troubled head,
I must release myself to play in the shower,
And get happily soaked.
May 8, 2012
I used to frequently mentally beat myself up
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