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MAX castro May 2019
Let's go to a place
that we don't know.
Take my hand
and never let go.
Just the two of us is all
that we need.
Baby your love  is all
I can keep.
Lost Soul Apr 2019
im leaving
im cutting ties
im not gonna apologise
and say goodbye
just know im through
i need to put myself first
my world no longer
revolves around you
i tried to make people happy
and only show my best side
but when i could hide it no more
i found out I never had a die or ride
.... or is it ride or die?
no matter the order
i was on such a mental roller coaster
that no one else want to help ride
i was just left alone wanting to die
up and down, but mainly down
i was laughed at and scrutinized
like i was the class clown
i no longer care about you all
there will be no visit,texts, or even calls
you left me alone
to die in my room while I bawl
and never...never again
.....will i fall
Madison Mar 2019
I was a ride or die girl.
Now I'm a dead girl.
Fey Torres Aug 2015
When you're here... its okay if I'm under a bridge,
it's aright if I don't fit in
life's amazing and my heart goes crazy!
When you're here I don't need money
I don't need to feen
When you're here I'm so complete
As much as I try my brain won't fool my heart
You're not here
we're far apart
I'm alone
My soul knows there's no place like home
My legs search for another pair in the dark
I fall apart,
I cry, and cry
My pillow keeps me company tonight...
You mean so much to me
Neptune Jul 2015
I don't call the shots,
I am the ammunition to his rifle,
Shooting down barriers that try to block us from our foreign land,
They working for me to pay them attention,
But I'm too hypnotize watching him ****** me,
I'm a human disguise chocolate ******* vampire,
Feeling such a weak monster,
I bit him once,
Now I want him more,
He scoped me right under his spell,
So interlaced with his touch and his serene vibe,
I let him have me easily,
I'm so hot in this cold world,
And he's such a beast in this jungle,
No wonder he's the only king that exist in my third eye.
Brian Payamps Sep 2014
You call me a friend, as you pull out a knife you stab me in the back.
Not once but twice, friends for life but that's a straight up lie
you don't have a clue about ride or die.
Every couple months you brought somebody new into our group
But at the end it was always me and you.
Asked for my forgiveness when you sinned. Had me questioning like who am I?
But once to many times
I said,... "don't worry its fine."
Who would had thought you were plotting behind mine.
Took the dirt from where you digged out my grave to throw on my name.
You said it and you meant it till death do us part.
You wanted to steer and me not be there for the ride. You wanted the name and everything that came You were my partner in crime,
who you let blind your eyes. You didn't see my vision. Et tu, Brute? You betrayed me like Brutus
did to Julius.
Like judas did to jesus.
You kissed me on the cheek for several gold pieces.
Tell me if
You don't get the anomaly of my metaphor. If this was juice I'm Raheem and your Bishop. Is crazy how much I actually miss you.
All those new people and I'm the only one wishing you. ..... well wherever you are..... whethere is heaven or hell.
What you did was betrayal
and in my grave you buried yourself.
Til death do us part you said it and you meant it.
But here I stand
Hennessy on hand
With the same gun that held the bullets in your lungs.
This was a friend of mine
Till death do us part
In heaven or hell I'll be your ride or die... bang

— The End —