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Shaxy Aug 2018
If you ever meet someone
who tries so hard
to stick by you
through your difficult moments,
do me a favor, please...
Keep them.
I beg you, please,
no matter what happens
you've gotta keep them;
because it ain't easy to find someone
who cares enough
to look past your flaws
and accept you for who you actually are.
Gentle reminder.
All the boys, and girls.
Pure of Stars Jul 2018
I see people as Poetry
beautiful and unwritten words who fill themselves onto pages of life
who render their every thought and doubt in mind
that is breathtakingly beautiful as it is absurd
An ecstatic cry of glee and dread all at once
Stripped souls who look for their identities
I see people as poetry
Breathtakingly tragic, yet nothing like it
Joshua Penrod Feb 2017
Every great Leader
Was once a humble Student

"Humble Beginnings" -JP
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
The wisest thing my Grandma ever told me
Is take comfort in your misery
Because sometimes that's all your gonna see
Wonder if Grandma knew
Maybe she was trying to give me a clue

That it would be all that life had in store
I'd be ripped apart at the core
That I'd live in constant ashes
Dreams and hope dashes
On the rocks of eternal sorrow it always crashes

Someone clipped my wings
So I would never sing
Someone broke my heart
It now is only art
Someone broke my spirit
So in darkness I will live it

My Grandma so very wise
She knew I'd live through many lies
And rough times ahead of me lay
And still persist to this present day
And I hope from heaven Grandma can see
I take comfort in my misery
Ethiiochick Nov 2015
Your deceitful lies,
caresses my mind
impregnates my heart,
I'm now left
the aftermath of ******* emotions...

Inhale these feelings and exhale your emotions...
Ethiiochick Oct 2015
                          through my lost words,    
               and you will find the silenced

Rummage through here...

— The End —