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The season of Winter
Has finally come.

Cold air and rain
Block rays of the sun.

A subtle stab to the soul,
Leaves bruising to show.
I scold myself.

‘Isn’t this memory too old?’

But I am truly bold.
For memory
Is not temporary,
But a rendition
Of a story,
We must let unfold.

And shall I feel it until the end of day?


But acceptance to the blues,
Is truly okay.
This poem is about the ‘Winter Blues’ as people call it. It is about the acceptance of harsh memories that bubble up every now and then, and how it is truly okay to feel, even if it is buried in the past!
My lover,
Don't let go.
From sun to snow,
Through seasons
We flow.

Please , don’t let go.

Let hearts be full
In times of dull.
For time shall still
As our souls fill,

With love and light for you and I.

Now take my hand,
If you will.

And don't let go.
Who is that
I see?
Some reflection as strange as me.

Too frightened to
Be alone.
Overcome by a sad tone,

Who is this?
Who have I become?

No one.

A fact of a stranger,
Looking through the mirror.

A weak figure.

But alas,
That is me.

And I,
Have withered.
This poem is not personal to me, but this is solely about losing who you are. If you can relate to this, you are strong and I am very proud of you!
Oh look at you,
So pretty and cute!
Frills suit you well,
Mommy can tell!

Show your friends !
They truly won’t mind.
For they will see my reflection
From behind.

Oh how unkind ,
You wish to leave ?
For why do your eyes
Begin to leak?

We will always walk
With the same stride !
For mommy is bound
To you for life.

For anyone who hurts you,
Shall be met with a knife.

For nobody else
Shall you dare to meet.

But only I,
Will usher you to speak.

With that being said,
Come my darling,
And sit next to me.
This poem is about a parent becoming obsessive and controlling over their child , no matter the age. Even older children may suffer with the contact control that a parent has over them. This topic of poem is similar to ‘Munchausen by Proxy’.
I sit
To contemplate.
A deep thinker,
If I do say.

A bare speaker,
High dreamer,
A true believer.

A small side of me speaks softly,
In undertones
Of black and blue.

Pointing the gun
And tying the noose.

As I know,
Let loose.

Leaves me stifled,
And bruised.
And confused.

Dazy and hazy,
My heart is racing.

Words of truth
I cannot unfold.

For a word shed
Is a word told.

And I,
Kept quiet,
Would feel too bold.

For my soul is now sold.
This poem is a personal one about darker thoughts! Please do enjoy if you can relate to this!
Here I lay,
In comfort.
Sweet soft blankets
Warm me up from this blizzard.

Nothing can go astray,
As I lay in dark.

Pure and silent.

But a small creak on my floor
Awakens my blindness.

A creature
With eight claws climbs clumsily
Down my side.

Frozen in horror
I peak with two eyes.

And to my surprise,
It is black and fuzzy.
A creature so monstrous,
It truly stunned me.

I begin to question
What this could mean.

Am I covered in webs
From what I can see?

Has he enclosed me in his small sanctuary?

I cannot seem to breathe,
As the silky spider spins itself
Down by my door.

I hide my eyes
Until I see it no more.

Sleep is no option
As he crawls along my floor.

I silently scream.

But alas,
He takes a route that is out and about.

Out of sight and out of mind,
I sink back into comfort
With a happy sigh.

For what a scare to endure at night.
This poem is about the fear of spiders ! I am thinking of doing a set of poetry to describe different phobias people endure ! I hope you enjoy (I am quite scared of spiders so I can highly relate to this one!)
My sweet,
You have crossed barriers,
We know.
I have held feelings
All too low.

Time has shut,
Made a clock
To count my hours alone.

Too fast,
Or too slow?

Only the heavens can know.

But you have faith,
Brought to your grave.

And I ,
Strive to make a smile appear.
Though grieving tears dent my skin.

But promises unlocked
Are ones I keep safe from sin.

As sin,
To your eye,
Is the blade of a knife,

For good riddance of my own life.

But I ,
Shall not die.

Only when time knows it is right.
This poem is about fighting through grief. Remembering that your loved one is looking down upon you, as you promised them to fight and breathe. If you can relate to this poem, I hear you and you are so strong, always credit yourself.
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