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Michael Hole Aug 23
The great unbreakables and unscalable walls of yore are not broken.

They just ceased to be walls.
Now just a slightly dumbfounding mist.

You pass through them like a bad smell
because they were never really there.
And those that built them
With ignorance and shame
Are long dead.

They are only an obscure memory of pain, oppression or struggle.
Oskar Roux Aug 16
He sees me.
The stranger looks deep,
deeper Into me
than I see myself and analyse and care to critique the way
that I'm conducting myself.
He's harsh with his eyes
He doesn't know me.
scrutinizing every pore
every hair that stands in place,
every conscious thought and un-thought.
He thinks he doesn't
But he does.

Like a whirlpool of judgement that swirls in a silver reflection, I stare at the man that stares at me.
he seems familiar and now I judge him.
the table turns to see myself
staring at this silvery
I think
I know.
rebecca yong Aug 7
ideas fill your head to the brim until your chest is aching, wanting to burst open with all the love and light of the galaxies. the world is burning and you hold the matchstick. your heart heaves and bears the weight of your burning ambition, but it is so paper thin. its walls crumble apart as quickly as you built them up, a slight jab is all it takes to tear you open, gutting you of all faith. has the universe not moved for you to take your rightful place on a throne, on a beautiful crater on the moon? why do you let yourself fall at the hands of strangers, whose words ought to be nothing more than winds passing through your hair?
reading through my previous posts again and reflecting.
Carl D'Souza Jul 23
When I judge myself
by other people's standards
I feel like a loser
and become unhappy.

When I free myself
from other people's standards
and focus on discovering
how to be joyful and happy
in the present-moment
in my everyday life
then I become
more joyful
more happy.
Quinn Adaire Jul 5
Are particularly

I cannot say
I am not the same things
At times.

If everyone was judged
Good or bad
By the amount of faults we had
We would all
Be thought to be terrible.

If one must judge
Don’t judge how many faults
Every person has many
But instead
Please judge if they try
To be better or not.

You may read this
And think
I don’t have that many faults!
You are wrong
Because if you’re reading this
You’re probably not Jesus or God.

You don’t have to be defensive anyway
Because a type of person
Is not accurately judged
By the amount of faults
But instead
The amount of redeeming qualities.
Tatiana Jun 18
They read our unlabeled books
laughing every second
our minds erupt

how troublesome it is to be judged
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I see blood in their hands
Foolish thinking their sanitizers can mask the sin
Every moment of this life is written in our flesh
Written in ink
Written in truth
And ones flesh can be read
Read like the mountains and trees
I see blood in their hands
I think that I am thick
Choosing a state of contentment
In a world of chaos
Chin high, eyes dry
I think that I am thick

I think that I am transparent
Knowing more of pain than of comfort
In a smog of darkness yearning for light
Depriving eyes of vital moisture
I think that I am transparent

Learning of God
Through love and unity
In friendship and fellowship
Faith in wise words and the eyes of the enlightened
Learning of God

Now understanding God
Through the death of my father
In the depths of my mother's sadness
Sadistic peers and malevolent neighbors
Now understanding God

I thought that to be poised was to appear stable
I thought that to have tenacity I must seem strong
Forbearing my feelings you are unable
But for keeping them to myself I was wrong
Crying is better
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