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sushii Dec 2018
i recall the soft touch of your hand
on my infant cheek--

so delicate in the moment,
but so menacing later on.

i recall the warmth of your skin
as it comforted my shaking hand--

so calm in the moment,
but so frightening later on.

i recall the sweetness of your smile
as it had shone its luminescent glow upon me--

so beautiful in the moment,
but so unsettling later on.


i can't quite understand
why you no longer hold my hand.

see, you have a light touch so full of love,
that it could burst at any moment--
giving way to something sour.

i don't see the reason
for you to make my eyelids change color every season.

see, i have bruises like silk
and blood like milk--
your emotions could drink it all in one sitting.

i don't understand
why my heart still beats if the scale of my wrongdoing is so grand.

see, i have a droplet of hope,

but it falls into an ocean of fear
Kyle Land May 2015
Silent and alone, I solemnly gaze at the aged court.
The hallowed roar of a steady stream
Suffocates the atmosphere

Like decrepit statues, they silently stare

The deflated and beaten sphere in my tiny hands.
Bitter tears, from the blackened surface
Prickling my bare feet.

Swish, thump, swish, thump.

The rickety backboard half-heartedly
Gives off a rattling cry.
It's tattered net cannot take much more.

An ashen pit, with stale passion

Surrounding bushes gag
On bleak sunlight.
I dejectedly make shot after hopeless shot.

A taunting figure cackles and booms.
Michaela Siaki May 2015
The wind bites into my skin.
But that dark train's just headed for more darkness.
And he smiles that menacing grin,
littered with broken promises.

The stars have disappeared,
Fallen out of their sockets now.
It was a trick, I had never won.
It was a game, I could never win.

And the devil softly calls me back,
Calls me back to him.
Very loosely based on a song I heard once.

— The End —