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LORD, I am Man,
An Adam and
A Puritan
In a strange Land
Beset by sinne
Before, behinde,
In Wayes wherein
I wend and winde.

A Garden rich,
Garden'd with Art
And perfect Pitch,
Is Gods own Heart.
There percheth there
A snowy Dove
In summery Aire
And peacefull Love.

Father forgive
This wight defil'd,
That I may Live,
Redeem'd, Thy Child.  
Ancient of Dayes,
Restore Thou mee,
That all my Wayes
May leade to Thee.
Greater than all created things summed up
And multiplied by immortality,
The LORD attends to every buttercup
And blade of grass and bird and bumblebee.
The greatest knows the least; and every man
His every hair has been accounted for;
And all of him is fitted to God's plan
The earth and chosen people to restore.  
Everything's His to give or take or loan,
And nothing lies beyond His lone control.  
Everything's His, and every thing is known
By Him who sees all parts and every whole.
He understands, both root and all, and all
In all, the flower in the crannied wall.
In the beginning
God was,
And the blackbird
Was not.

And Adam called it a blackbird;
And that was the name thereof.
How like You, my good father in heaven,
Is my good father on earth.
His love is a free gift
That I've never had to work for.
I've never had to earn it,
And I never could earn it.
made by
con spirito,
by my
(while birds are singing),
made u
,but y
As true as the trinity
And Christ's divinity,
And as real as gravity
Isn't, my total depravity
Is undeniable.
But God created me justifiable,—
Me, who's more of a Don Knotts
Than an Isaac Watts.
Of all the mothers that bless my life,
     Mom, you're the very best of all.
I thank You, God, for my very good mom,
     The bestest mom since mankind's fall.
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