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Orchid May 2019
How can your soul
roam across this world

while it holds no care?

Drinks jam out of its jars
And sleeps in a bus shelter

Behind the toothless grin

and the dreams of the Boulevard
Autmn T Apr 2018
Your love was honeysuckle sprouts growing with every breath I took. My tears kept them flourishing until they were sprawled up my insides, clogging my throat not being able to decipher the 'I Love You's from the screams. Quickly the vines overgrew and spilled out my mouth as messy as the poems, forgetting what it was to feel empty.
Written after a pull away from strong emotions and a hard reality check, drowning in feelings
chloe fleming Apr 2018
I've been breathing in everything I hate
Such as the smoke from fire that bellows beneath my feet,
It burns and it scalds and yet,
I do not learn my lesson.
My lungs have become airbags- deflated, charred
It hurts me to breathe but yet,
I do not learn my lesson.

I have been shown the sweet smells from the valley,
The honeysuckle kisses against my dried lips
But nectar is far more vicious than tar.
For it sticks to you like a bad memory
It will coat you in a sweet sickness,
A birth from a joyous hospital room
Honeysuckle kisses upon dry lips,
While they pump you full of the tar.

So while my lungs cannot heave anymore,
And my organs coated with depression
The nectar does nothing but upset my stomach
It causes it to wretch like a screaming baby
Lack of honeysuckle kisses fuels the fire.
I will continue to burn and scald my feet-
But I will not succumb to the iridescence
That will one day leave you sick,
And sticky sweet.
rainstorms fiercely bulge the waves
toss honeysuckle and bougainvillas
blow their blossoms high
towards the rainbow
that in sunny moments
sparkles over volcanic hills
that if

an calmer breeze appeared
resistance swallows
bird in flight
feather tip play
scented rainbows
night time

what was

dreaming was i
king size sheets
that heads be awoke
to be awoke

dance with me

that our vision

spool from me this love
hammer to me

our hands meet here
what middle shall we play
rest on my shoulders
rest with me
morning light
tell me to you

let me use her
sweet word
sunprincess Jan 2018
Summers day and a fragrance
of honeysuckles all in bloom
Where dragonflies zoom, zoom
over high grass and a stream
Alas. a sleeping fairy in a dream
Captured by a lonely ogre
See, she sleeps on his shoulder
Enchanted by spring’s
rustling whispers
     ... whistles swirl
in the pungent springtime breeze;
steeped with a bedazzling
   heart dancing
to a hummingbird’s

   waves of breath,
of little wings waft,
whooshing throughout
twining honeysuckle lattice
tiny manger
beset of hidden gold
precious speckled eggs, 
silver lining of smallest hopes
   fruits of fruition
   continuum beheld prize,
concealed in interwoven rootlets;
potently perfumed flowers
       while away
the waning dark hours;
swollen full flower moon
           waxing yellow,..
         heavenly fragrance
sweetly-scented suckled nectar
the one with eyes of a child,
   wonder ― hidden inside,  
   marvel in the light of grateful eyes
imbibing an unholdable moment's
    spellbinding elixir 
    ... poetry alive

air  so poignantly perfumed
       with blossom
by spring’s frolicking cadency
a reverent moment's
edifying intoxication

       a sobering beauty that just is...

someone ... May 2017
crystal holly Feb 2017
with water color ink
made permanent with a pin
an emerald garden grew
from the surface of her skin
the sight was divine
the branches aligned
& through the cracks
poured sunlight in.
the honeysuckles oozed
the hollyhocks seeped
as chartreuse hummingbirds
dank nectar through their beaks.
by her favorite birthmark
hanging from a tree
was a silver web of silk
gossamer and dazzling.
with each image set,
pressed onto her skin
her flesh turned bright red
like the rosehips near her ribs.
Pauline Morris Jun 2016
I sit and listen to the crickets melancholy tune
I watch the moon start to bloom
The stars pirouette across the sky
Soon the frogs are croaking in relpy
Fireflies light up the night
Flickering their golden light

A single wolf starts to howl
As if to ask the age old question how
I ended up so lonely
And where's my one and only

My dog is sitting at me feet
She looks up at me as if to say, nothing here is off beat
In the cool of the evening
the honeysuckle is smelling much sweeter
Than in the day under the sun's heater

The moths flutter around on silent wings
My heart is so light it just sings
I just sit here for hours dreaming
Under the moon that now is just beaming

My dog gets up and moves to the door
I look at my watch it's way past four
She's ready for the foot of my comfy bed
So I oblige, and make my way inside,and lay down my weary head
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