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A day in love is like a thousand years,
With a heart beating but time moves no more.
I know the timelessness of loving you,
Is God-like as in Psalms ninety verse four.

To be in love with you gives me my soul,
Your love is the breath of life from Heaven.
The love my lungs breathe is like the spirit
God breathed in Genesis two verse seven.

Your love shows me mercy, grace, good and truth,
Patience, forgiveness and absence of hate.
It awes me like when God showed Himself in
Exodus thirty-four seven and eight.

The more I love you the simpler it gets,
It’s something I just naturally do.
Love’s forever inscribed in my heart like
Jeremiah thirty-one thirty-two.
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rebecca Sep 2018
When I read that verse,
I felt His arms wrapped around me in a fatherly embrace
My overwhelming anxieties fell away,
the ground on which I stood turned to stone,
and I felt protected-for once safe, relaxed, and not alone

When I read that verse,
I saw the ways that he has worked in my life already
He's blessed me so...
so much that I can't begin to fully express it in words
He saved me from those stormy waves
And placed me on the solid ground I stand on today

When I read that verse,
I tasted freedom from my demons and my sins
It was sweet, and somehow savory
It was warm, thawing my chilled interior

When I read that verse,
I heard the shouts of praise from both angels and people
I heard the fanfare of victory,
The sound of my own shackles breaking

When I read that verse,
I smelt the calm ocean breeze,
The wildflowers that started growing from the dirt of my past.
I smelt honey amongst other sweet things
All as sweet as the thought of being His.
"The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety."
(A Psalm of Worship.)

My heart is prepared
To worship God:
I will kiss the Lord
And sing unto him.

I will speak of his goodness
From dawn to twilight
And follow his excellent way.
I will meditate
Throughout the night
And seek him at midday.
My longing heart shall,
Reverently and humbly,
Bask in his presence.
Upon my Lord,
I will pour praise.
(Meditative Psalm: quest for total surrender.)

I beheld the wind, blowing upon
The grass of the field.
Leaves swayed under the power
Of its influence.

The flowers danced
As the grass dazzled—
Its blades shimmering in the light.
That which was dormant
Had suddenly come to life.

O Lord, breathe upon me
The breath of your holy Spirit.
Quicken me, and possess my being
That, in harmony, I might sway
To the power of your perfect will.
(Ballad: exhortation to praise God.)

Extol the Lord Most High,
Let his praises ring.
Throughout all the earth,
Exalt his lovely name.
Embrace His purity,
And testify his fame
From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same.
(A Nostalgic Psalm: the power of God.)

O God, manifest yourself
That men might see,
And marvel, and wonder.
You spoke the worlds into existence,
And separated night from day.
Placed the elements in the skies
And created man in a wonderful way.
Bring back the ancient miracles
Like when you parted the sea
And delivered Israel en masse—
Mightily setting them free.

You provided in the wilderness,
Filled the temple with your glory,
And spoke from the darkness of Sinai;
What an awesome story.

Show, again, your sovereign power
That your strength be known,
And men might truly realize
That you are God alone.
(A Psalm of Expectation.)

Seeking deliverance,
Day and night I cry unto God
And would not be satisfied.
How long, O Lord,
Until my deliverance is come?

My heart securely
Trusts your word.
You are my salvation
And the anchor of my soul.

Protector from all harm,
And a refuge from the storm.
My battle-axe and shield
In the war of life.
Stronghold, high tower,
And a shield from strife.

O God my Strength,
My helper and guide—
The cleft of the rock
In which I can hide.
I will trust in you.
(A Psalm of Exaltation: God's name is a
strong refuge.)

O Lord, your name protects—
Even as a shadow covers from the sun.

It is a lovely name, comelier than the lily
And sweeter than the rose.
And holy. All-powerful
And high above the earth—
Even higher than the heavens.

Nature provides crannies
For the tiniest creatures.
And dens for the wild beasts
That they might dwell safely.

The fox is protected
In the burrows of the earth,
And the squirrel finds refuge
In the hollow of a tree.
The scorpion's sanctuary
Is beneath a rock,
And the hive is a shelter
For the bee.

Even so, Lord, by your wisdom—
You have established for us a haven
In your name, wherein we are safe.
(A Psalm of Affirmation, reaffirming
my faith in God.)

I have faith in God
Who gives me the strength
To climb mountains
And leap over walls.

He leads, guides
And protects me each day,
And restores all
That was taken away.
My heart safely rests in him.

The Lord is my life,
Health and strength.
He is the breath of my being.
My soul is happy in God.
(A Psalm of Praise: let all things bring Him glory.)

The songs of praise surround me;
I will sing of God's goodness faithfully.
Oh earth, hear my song
And the trees sing along.

Let the sound of the birds
Be joyfully raised
As dawn's twilight
Emerges with praise.
Let the moon and stars
Tell the great story—
Brightly sparkling
With his glory.
Let the waves prance
And the clouds dance
As the sun peeps
Upon the sea.
They all show forth
The praise of God
Who causes them to be.

For the Lord has made all things,
And let them bring him glory.
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